Case Study

U.S. auto finance major achieves $7 million impact by industrializing analytics support across multiple portfolios


A leading US-based auto finance enterprise

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Financial services

Business need addressed:

Industrialized analytics support for auto, dealer, and commercial finance portfolios

Business impact:

  • Standardization and simplification
  • Access to talent
  • Risk and compliance

A global financial services major with more than $100 billion in assets urgently needed to equip decision makers across auto finance, dealer finance, and commercial finance with large-scale, standardized analytics. This would allow them to make better decisions leveraging the vast amount of information available within and outside the company. Genpact helped the client build and run an analytics Center of Excellence (CoE), producing $7 million in business impact through process improvement and industrialized decision support.

Business challenge

It is becoming increasingly important for auto finance enterprises to adopt sophisticated data-driven strategies. This involves:

  • Constant and accurate monitoring of portfolios on key performance metrics
  • Dynamic and innovative strategies to drive growth while managing loss
  • Recalibrating customer segments, risk tiers, and models

The client turned to Genpact to deliver industrialized analytics at scale to enable better decision making—and ultimately drive improved business outcomes.

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Genpact solution

Genpact determined that the best approach was to leverage data linkages across functions to enable more effective decision making. The team focused on setting up an analytics CoE organized by outcomes—not functions—to drive standardization and consistency across business units.

Genpact set up a CoE with resources aligned to both wholesale floor plan financing and retail contract lines of credit. The center’s scope of work included:

  • Analyzing manufacturers’ operating statements to determine key operating performance indicators
  • Conducting extensive financial due diligence
  • Conducting analyses to derive adjusted net cash, net worth, and net working capital, and to assess guarantors’ financial commitments
  • Analyzing collateral
  • Deriving risk ratings using predefined scorecards, identifying triggers, and offering recommendations
  • Reviewing dealerships’ financial positions
  • Undertaking comprehensive know your customer (KYC) processes
  • Making recommendations on fund-based and non–fund-based lines of credit

Business impact

Genpact’s CoE has succeeded in delivering high-quality support with rapid deployment and low setup and operation costs. It has conducted approximately 3,000 floor plan credit reviews and processed over 100,000 credit administration transactions for the dealer portfolio. Thanks to effective collaboration and a well-designed solution, the total time from ideation to implementation took only 8 weeks. In all, the center has:

  • Standardized processes across businesses and geographies
  • Freed up the client’s risk resources for proactive dealer risk management
  • Created smoother workflows through work status insight and a scanning solution that ensures document availability
  • Enabled greater scalability and flexibility with ready resource availability both onshore and off
  • Delivered productivity improvements of 5–7% year on year, and cost arbitrage benefits of 50%

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The road ahead

Genpact and the client continue to look for improvement opportunities. Going forward, the team is simplifying metrics, providing advanced analytics such as predictive modeling, and driving additional process enhancement. The team will also further industrialize the solution by widely embedding standardized analytics in the decision making process.