Case Study

How a digital lender launched a platform-based marketplace in less than six months


An asset-based digital lender, providing working capital solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

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Business need addressed:

Launch a new asset-based lending marketplace platform to serve SMEs and corporate clients, within six months, with industry standard origination and servicing operating model

Genpact solution:

Build, host, and maintain the core lending platform to provide a seamless experience through a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model

Business impact:

Genpact's solution enabled the lender to launch online commercial lending services in the shortest possible time with minimal capital outlay. This also enabled the lender to provide client onboarding, and service funding requests in real time.

A digital lender that had recently secured an initial funding facility of $100 million, wanted to solve short-term working capital needs and provide end-to-end working capital solutions for both SME and corporate clients. The lender wanted to leverage its prowess in data analytics, credit-scoring algorithms, and integrated technology solutions to transform the way secured lending works and seamlessly integrate customers, partners, and capital providers.

Business need

With a vision to transform secured lending functions in the lower mid-market, the lender needed a one-stop funding and analytics portal for clients and capital providers. The key focus was to:

  • Leverage technology to simplify the lending process
  • Develop a network-enabled and simplified user portal for a superior customer experience
  • Induct an integrated technology platform to enable seamless and transparent transaction, execution, and data aggregation
  • Enable end-to-end visibility across the lending process while maintaining price transparency
  • Implement agile processes for enhanced speed and shorter time to market
  • Enable on-demand risk profiling, in-depth account analyses, and real-time credit decision and credit monitoring
  • Reduce borrowing costs for clients while lowering operating expenses

The lending firm was seeking a strategic partner with end-to-end process knowledge and expertise in digital loan origination to help launch the business in the shortest possible time. It also needed immediate access to best-in-class technology, processes, and talent so it could scale up and be future-ready to tackle surge in demand.

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Genpact solution

Genpact leveraged its unique Lean DigitalSM approach to develop a new platform for the digital lender. Lean DigitalSM harnesses the combined power of process-centric technologies, design-thinking methodologies, and domain expertise to deliver a superior business model and drive operational scale capabilities.

Genpact combined its digital solutions and analytics capabilities with the sophisticated customer portal, and proprietary credit-scoring algorithms, to enhance underwriting efficiency and portfolio monitoring. Developed and delivered through a business-process-as-a-service (BPaaS) engagement model, the lending solution enabled the lender to achieve efficiency and effectiveness while reducing operational expenses. BPaaS delivers business process services on a cloud infrastructure managed by Genpact and helps reduce the long-term total cost of ownership.

Genpact's solution spanned:

Client and partner portal – Genpact developed an integrated client and partner portal with an easy-to-use user interface. The self-serve portal's layout leads the user through the lending process in a structured and intuitive way. Genpact integrated the portal with other middle- and back-office processes (as shown in figure 1) to provide a seamless experience.

Figure 1: BPaaS based digital platform


Genpact's Risk Assessment Delivery Environment (GRADE) - a proven commercial loan origination platform, GRADE delivers scalable, compliant, and secure transaction processing across pre-screening application processing, credit scoring, spreading, document generation, and document management. GRADE's service-oriented architecture helped integrate the Salesforce CRM system with the overall loan origination solution.

Akritiv loan servicing and collection platform - Akritiv is a cloud-based suite built on for servicing factored receivables and financing contracts. It enables the lending firm to efficiently manage onboarding, collaterals, funding, and collections by collaborating with automated workflows, predictably forecasting cash, and leveraging actionable analytics.

The digital lender's back-end application was also customized and integrated with the CRM system.

As a strategic partner, Genpact is also helping the lending firm implement standard operating procedures across functions, review loan applications, service loans, manage collateral, monitor payments, and manage finance and accounting processes.

Business impact

Genpact enabled the lender to launch its lending services in less than six months and to leverage the ever-growing opportunities of the digital lending market. Through this solution the lending firm can service funding requests in real time while onboarding the client instantly. The solution also helped the client to reduce the loan origination cycle time by a minimum of three days.

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