Case Study

A better way to assess auto accident damage

How OnSource helped one auto insurer cut ties with independent appraisers

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Who we worked with

An auto insurer operating in 11 US states

What the company needed

The insurer relied too heavily on reports from independent appraisers (IAs). These reports were slow to come in and of poor quality. The company wanted to get more out of its own in-house representatives.

How we helped

Introducing OnSource, a Genpact company, helped provide inspection-asa-service (IaaS) for the insurer and its customers. The visual information service it provided for claims involving drivable vehicles with minor damage allowed the auto insurer to strategically replace IAs.

What the company got

OnSource provided a significant strategic service and cost advantage. The OnSource-inspected company-written estimates are more accurate and producing more standard outcomes.


Make reports more accurate. Speed up estimates. Reduce dependency on IAs. Cut expenses.

The client, a non-standard auto insurer, faced problems with the estimates of damaged vehicles. The IAs it was using extensively to supplement its small internal appraisal team were expensive, slow to respond, and generated estimates that were often inaccurate. Expenses for company field resources were high – plus, managing a dispersed team posed its own challenges. Finally, less complex cases had no separate triage outlet, so expenses were similar for all losses.


Provide onsite visual information. Respond to accident scenes quickly and document them properly. Set up a triage system.

OnSource’s visual information service was introduced as an alternative to IAs. The company saw the strategic value of a rapid response service with a strong network of field responders. While most OnSource employees in the field don’t have auto appraisal experience, they’re experts at responding quickly to – and accurately documenting – incidents. What’s more, they have great customer service skills.

Drivable vehicles with minor damage that didn’t require immediate repair were selected as the first group for OnSource handling. We made sure our skills and processes aligned with the insurer’s approach:

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  • The company developed its own internal estimate writing team using existing auto damage experts
  • OnSource worked directly with the physical damage software provider, so no direct general IT resources were needed, and no workflow disruption affected front-line claim representatives
  • OnSource used its quality assurance team to ensure photos met certain criteria before being uploaded to its estimate writers, bringing them up to scratch if they needed work
  • Implementation support included a detailed project plan, development of claim representative triage tools and communication scripts, and analytical support

The client measured success based on its own KPIs, and after a successful trial and pilot in Florida - its largest state for claims - the insurer implemented OnSource across all the states it operates in.


Happier customers. Reduced cycle times. And a cut in expenses.

All success KPI criteria were met or exceeded. Overall loss adjustment expense dropped significantly across all channels. The claims cycle time became 1.5 days quicker than using IAs. What’s more, the disaster recovery plans were so effective that customer service scores climbed.

In addition to the inspection service, OnSource developed a smartphone app that allows customers to do a self-inspection and create their own damage photo package.

“OnSource has been revolutionary for our claims process,” says the National Appraisal Manager for the insurer. “[It has] improved estimate accuracy, compressed cycle times, given us better loss adjusting expense per assignment, and made our customers happy. I couldn’t ask for more.”

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