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Boosting Microsoft Dynamic CRM's performance with Cora SeQuence SCE

Taking workflow to the next level

Are you sure you're getting the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM data?

You can be, with Cora SeQuence SCE, Genpact's unique CRM-based workflow software. Cora SeQuence SCE integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using a visual canvas that helps teams design advanced workflows and connects them with business-critical processes. And it supports all Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions.

Utilities, engineering, and manufacturing firms are among the many taking advantage of Cora SeQuence SCE's powerful out-of-the-box capabilities – software that lets you create, retrieve, edit, and execute CRM actions.

Cora SeQuence SCE features include:

  • Visual workflow design
  • A solution you can import into CRM
  • Business processes that users manage
  • Integration with ERP and SharePoint
  • Task management and queuing
  • Advanced sales and marketing workflows
  • Customer onboarding workflows
  • Customer service workflows
  • Mobile workflow operation
  • Case management

“Cora SeQuence SCE enables us to create workflows and business processes that span systems. This is exactly the glue that we have been looking for to tie together all of the different systems that are in our business environment." –Ryan Redmond, CEO Customer Dynamics

“An impressive … speed-to-market experience … Integration with core legacy and third-party systems was seamless. Our business justification to procure and deploy PNMsoft SCE has been fully met… along with very satisfied end users." —Isa Qureshi, QLogitek

  • James Luxford

    VP, Digital Solutions

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