Industrial Internet of Things

Boost productivity, quality, and collaboration with smart factories
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The industrial internet and smart factories are revolutionizing industries, but are you prepared to reap the real value?

Genpact's domain and digital expertise delivers tangible business impact by leveraging our proprietary tools and accelerators across industrial IoT, industrial analytics, machine learning, and AI.

We make IIoT real with our data-to-insight-to-action approach. Find out how we helped one client analyze vast amounts of flight data to prevent maintenance and safety issues.


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How can I apply the IIoT to my assets?

1 Product & Solution

Asset Optimizer

Genpact's asset management solution improves asset reliability, reduces downtime, and minimizes lost revenue with a co-ordinated asset maintenance strategy.

What impact can the IIoT deliver in manufacturing?

1 Product & Solution

Smart manufacturing

Genpact's digital manufacturing solutions deliver machine-to-machine connectivity through IIoT, to ensure operational excellence, predictive maintenance, faster time to market, and greater productivity.

What benefits can the IIoT bring to my supply chain?

1 Product & Solution

Smart supply chains

Genpact's supply chain solutions bring increased visibility into supply chains, reducing operating costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

How can the IIoT improve my warranty management?

1 Product & Solution

Warranty Manager

Increase warranty visibility and value with data, software, and analytics.

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