COVID-19: Building resilience for businesses and people

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Mitigating the business impact and disruption from Coronavirus 

Coronavirus is impacting countries, communities, and individuals at an increasing rate and is teaching us lessons in humanity, prediction, action, and collaboration. As businesses face unprecedented levels of uncertainty, they’re uncovering new ways to lead, build resilience, connect across ecosystems, and create more accurate predictive insights. 

This page brings together some of our own insights to help you navigate today’s uncertainty and build an even stronger business going forward.  

Sharing our insights

The future of work isn’t on its way, it’s here

CEO Tiger Tyagarajan defines a new set of guiding principles for connecting in a virtual world of work

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Building economic resilience

We've identified the five traits of resilient companies and how to adopt them

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A Q&A on risk in banking

In an exclusive conversation, Manish Chopra & Enrico Dallavecchia discuss where bank CROs should focus during the crisis

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Bring agility to FP&A

Here’s how financial planning and analysis teams can create accurate forecasts in unpredictable times


How finance operations unlock cash

Six ways to improve working capital for today and the long term

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Driving recovery

Banks need to prepare for a spike in delinquencies from Coronavirus. But how?

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Making decisions at speed

A combination of human judgment and data-driven insights can help enterprises act with confidence

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Learning in real time

Tiger Tyagarajan discusses the need to build communities, act quickly, and create a sense of normality in abnormal times

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Uncovering a new financial close

Coronavirus has forced new ways of working on finance professionals. Closing the books may never look the same again

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Supply chain disruption

As demand forecasts and supply plans become obsolete, crisis management and risk assessments can keep goods moving.

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How digital operations create resilience

A seamless blend of people, processes, and technologies can give companies greater agility and strength

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Your COVID-19 response

Solutions for business continuity and resilience

From cash optimization to order management, we have solutions that will deliver short-term recovery and long-term contingency planning. These are not new ideas, but tried and tested approaches that have helped companies across industries manage periods of major disruption.

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A note from our CEO

Most recent letter from our CEO to our employees:

As COVID-19 reshapes virtually every aspect of how we live and work, we remain focused first on the health and safety of our employees while we continue to support client needs. I am proud of the intense effort our teams have made to move quickly to enable our company to work from home while remaining focused on ensuring we deliver for our clients. Our culture is focused on being agile, flexible, and able to intensely deliver for our clients. The world has not seen an event like this in over 100 years, but it is our belief we are all in this together.

Like many businesses, we have been tracking and managing the best ways to ensure we continue to play our vital role in the global economy. As I’ve shared, we have taken proactive steps to help keep our people, vendors, clients, and communities safe. From travel restrictions, physical distancing, and education, to shifting our main delivery model to work from home – doing anything less is irresponsible to the communities we work with and our people.

With that in mind, over the last several weeks we have been working systematically with our clients around the globe to quickly and safely move to a remote-enabled workforce. Countries are learning that to reduce the spread of the virus they need to restrict movement and ensure their citizens stay in their homes. We agree this is the right thing for the overall safety of our communities. We are working closely with applicable authorities to ensure full compliance with all country-specific requirements as we do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Information Technology Enabled Services and Information Technology (ITES/IT) services have been classified as an essential service in India. Our goal is to leverage this special designation in India to work with local authorities and rapidly increase our ability to enable employees to work remotely, which includes bringing devices to employees’ homes. We believe this is the best way to protect our employees and reduce the spread of the virus. While we do this, we remain in strict accordance with the government’s extended three-week curfew.

I know that we will never lose sight of the important responsibility that comes with providing vital services to our clients around the world. This includes the work we do for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, the support we provide to food manufacturers to keep their supply chains flowing and grocery store shelves stocked, and ensuring banks and insurance companies continue to operate at speed. We are proud of the trust our clients place in us. Only with healthy and safe employees can we deliver the services our clients have come to expect of us.

To see the sense of determination in the way our teams have come together around a shared purpose is inspiring and continues to reinforce a common truth: That we are all in this together, and that together we will emerge stronger and better than before. 

Please be safe and help one another.