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Build community resilience

Neighbors helping neighborhoods adapt and rise

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Micro-volunteering for macro-transformation

Sometimes in life it’s the little things we do that make a world-changing transformation. A caring conversation. An optimistic action. A thoughtful gesture.

At Genpact, we’re amplifying the power of our people. We’re channeling their desire to support communities around the world by giving them access to a micro-volunteering platform that helps them find and serve the areas in greatest need. With everyone enabled to donate at least one hour a week to their chosen initiatives, the collective micro-volunteering weight of more than 95,000 employees unlocks 45 years’ worth of impact every single week. That’s a lot of impact!

From 400,000 meals to migrant workers in just 30 days and virtual learning sessions for over 10,000 children, to enhanced business-continuity planning for more than 20 NGOs, our people are building resilient communities across the globe.

Community resilience is possible if we all do our part. Read on for more stories.


Feed 20 million

Nobody should go hungry during this crisis. As part of our Feed 20 Million Initiative, Genpact volunteers have partnered with the Indian government and local organizations to provide more than 400,000 meals to migrant laborers.

And there’s more. We’ve made sure that 20,000 children from underprivileged communities have received bars of soap too.

Fundraising for the most vulnerable

One of our volunteers is helping 1,600 homeless women and children in New York to rebuild their lives from the crisis.

By partnering with Women in Need, she’s raising money through our platform, and providing these families with essential food and supplies.

Action in the time of quarantine

To help the Delhi government launch and run a call-center service for COVID-19 patients in quarantine, 120 Genpact experts quickly adapted their skills and expertise to support the helpline and their fellow citizens.

Our colleagues have helped answer questions from 4,300 patients. They’ve also identified cleanliness and sanitation issues, and problems with the availability food, drinking water, and doctors, and have worked with the government to resolve them.

Thank you to all our champions!

Filling the world with hope

Alok knew he wanted to do something to lighten the load for people in need. With his family, he put together food kits with supplies to feed families of five for at least two weeks.

They’ve distributed over 50 kits so far to daily-wage workers and domestic helpers, and are preparing more. And to make sure they’re looking after the whole community, Alok’s family is feeding local stray dogs too.

Protecting our communities and the planet

We’ve invited all Genpact employees to make reusable cloth masks to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.

Keota has made more than 100 masks with filter pockets for her local hospital in Atlanta, her family, and friends. By helping people avoid using disposable masks we’re continuing our commitment to sustainability.

United against hunger

In Guatemala and Costa Rica, Genpact employees are making sure that food and essential supplies reach the people who need them most.

Thanks to money we’ve raised through our work with United Way, an international not-for-profit organization, 87 school children from Guatemala City now have the support they need. And the National Emergency Commission of Costa Rica has been able to get food to underprivileged families through Genpact donations too.