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Strengthen professional resilience

Adapt and rise with a learning platform for the digital economy.

building resilience professional with genpact

“It’s the learners who inherit the future”

Eric Hoffer, philosopher and author

In January 2020, the World Economic Forum estimated that 1 billion people would need reskilling by 2030 to future-proof them from technological change. And then storm COVID-19 hit.

The call is now urgent. As professionals face one of the most difficult labor markets in history, it’s time for everyone to evolve their skills and thrive in a workforce of man and machine.

And as voracious learners ourselves, we have opened key areas of our own learning platform to help all individuals adapt and rise.

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In collaboration with learning specialists EdCast, our experts have curated bite-size lessons and knowledge. They’ve used their experiences leading digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies to identify the critical skills you need to succeed in today’s economy.

The platform covers a range of business-critical roles – from finance and risk to supply chain and HR – and helps you build the digital, collaboration, and leadership skills that will unlock the next chapter in your career. You now have free access to our collective intelligence and tailored training recommendations.

Dive in to shape the future of you.

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Skills for entrepreneurs from Positive Planet

A major challenge facing under-resourced entrepreneurs is access to the right training, mentors, and networks. Through our partnership with Positive Planet US, an organization that helps people open low-capital startups, Adapt and Rise now provides rich, on-demand learning that helps their businesses and communities prosper.

Stacy Simpson, chief marketing officer, global leader of corporate responsibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion, shares the origin story behind our work together.

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