Experience-led Platform Modernization

Don't let legacy applications and systems slow your business down. Modernize your experience platforms for customers, employees, and partners to improve user satisfaction, lower costs, scale and innovate.

Platform Modernization Highlights

  • 50
    increase in market share for a bank by modernizing a user portal
  • 50
    faster ROI for a financial services institution using agile methodologies
  • Engaging Experiences for Everyone

    Modernize your aging portals, platforms, and applications to satisfy customers, employees and partners and achieve your business goals.

  • Integrate Emerging Technologies

    Protect legacy investments and future-proof your business through seamless and secure integration with artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics solutions.

  • Prepare for Growth and Innovation

    Combine agile and lean six sigma methodologies with extensive user feedback and research to innovate and grow faster than ever before.

Experience-led Transformation

Modernizing legacy customer and employee-facing platforms requires a holistic, innovative, and agile approach focused on delivering business value through an experience lens. The results are an improved experience, lower costs and flexible, scalable digital infrastructure built for continuous improvement.

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5 steps to modernizing your customer-facing platforms

Discover what your users want

Our multidisciplinary teams conduct user research and understand your business and technical requirements. With platform modernization, we blend qualitative and quantitative data to design solutions that address the needs of your users across the front, middle, and back office.

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Enhancing the customer experience with a one-stop portal

Map your transformation journey

Using an experience roadmap, you can map the journey from your current state to a future filled with world-class experiences. Our team works with you to create an experience roadmap that puts the needs of people first, backed by data and design insights.

Create better experiences

Visualize the future and explore function or user-specific workflows, design screens, interactions and visual guides. Our team also develops coding to integrate with existing solutions and applications before testing and activating new experience-led solutions.

Measure your progress

Once you modernize your customer and employee experience, we leverage our AI-enabled Genpact Cora platform to proactively monitor and measure its health. This allows you to continuously optimize and refine experiences.

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A global bank achieved 50% market share growth within one year of modernizing a user portal.

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