Cora Platform modernization

Use platform modernization to transform your customer experience platforms for greater responsiveness and better experiences

platform modernization
platform modernization


Don't let legacy applications and outdated platforms slow your business down. However customers interact with you, they expect seamless experiences. We'll help you modernize every touchpoint for greater innovation, agility, and customer satisfaction.

Better experiences for everyone

Whether customers are in-store, online, or on a mobile device, they expect exceptional experiences every time. But many businesses struggle with limited functionality and an inability to customize. We will help you modernize every portal, platform, and application to improve the employee experience and, in turn, delight your customers and protect their loyalty.

Innovate with emerging tech

As technology ages, it can drift further and further away from the needs of your business. Older tech lacks flexibility – especially if vendors end support for certain platforms and there's no one left to keep it updated. We can help. We'll protect your investments while future-proofing your customer-facing platforms with a variety of advanced artificial intelligence, automation, analytics, and cloud solutions.

Featured solutions

You want to modernize your customer-facing platforms without major upheaval and cost. We can help. We'll bridge the gap between what you have today and what you'll need tomorrow – all the while protecting the underlying technical architecture from the front to the back office.

Discover what users want

We blend qualitative and quantitative data to design solutions that meet the needs of your customers. However they want to interact with you, we'll help you get it right the first time


Map your journey

Don't start your platform modernization journey without a guide. With extensive research, you can plan your modernization journey to a future filled with world-class experiences


Create better experiences

If your customers want to buy online, then they need a seamless experience. We'll help you develop intuitive, personalized, and seamless experiences for everyone


Measure your progress

As you modernize the employee and customer experience, you'll want to track your progress. Our digital business platform, Genpact Cora, can monitor your platforms in real time


85 %

reduction in manual effort

50 %

increase in market share

50 %

faster time to ROI

5 steps to modernize your customer-facing platforms

Platform modernization can create experiences that boost productivity, customer loyalty, and revenue.