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Gianni Giacomelli

Chief Innovation Leader

Based in New York City, Gianni serves as Chief Innovation Leader where he drives and sponsors Genpact’s strategic initiatives aimed at sustaining clients’ transformation into digitally-enabled companies. These include among others design-driven digital transformation efforts and methods that take into account the human and organizational side of technological change.

Gianni also co-leads the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) efforts to set up a Collective Intelligence Design Lab – aimed at exploring and designing combined people-machine groups able to generate radical innovation.

He is widely published in the press and is a frequent speaker at trade conferences. Gianni has authored several scientific papers in collaboration with MIT researchers and is an active blogger on digital and workplace topics.

In addition to being responsible for many of Genpact’s portfolio extensions leveraging technology and analytics, he chaired and launched Genpact’s Research Institute and was one of the main architects of the revolutionary Lean Digital approach intended to harness the power of digital technology in business operations. Gianni joined Genpact in 2010 as senior vice president of New Product Innovation and then also served as Chief Marketing Officer for three years.

His career spans more than 24 years across innovation strategy, marketing, and transformation consulting with global and emerging leaders in professional services (Boston Consulting Group, Everest, Datamonitor) and software (SAP). He started his professional journey in marketing analytics with the Danone Group.

Gianni holds a post graduate degree in organizational and social behavior from the London School of Economics and a Business Administration degree from the EME Strasbourg Business School and the University of Florence. He has completed advanced education programs focused on innovation at Harvard and MIT. Gianni has lived in seven countries across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Follow him on Twitter at @ggiacomelli.