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Vidya Rao

Chief Technology and Transformation Officer

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About Vidya Rao

Vidya is Genpact’s Chief Technology and Transformation Officer.

Leading Genpact's internal digital transformation processes, Vidya is at the forefront of reimagining Genpact’s suite of tools, technologies, and infrastructure to further the company’s AI-first approach. In this role, she is responsible for establishing a world-class data office to drive insights, support AI and automation initiatives effectively, and shape the company’s functions for the future.

With more than 30 years of experience in transformational initiatives, Vidya is leveraging Genpact’s existing technological capabilities while pushing the boundaries of innovation. Her role also includes driving the global ERP program and collaborating within Genpact’s partner ecosystem to support transformation at scale.

Vidya’s passion for mentoring the next generation of professionals is anchored by serving as a coach for budding women leaders. She has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Technology executives by Technology Magazine and Top 10 women by Mobile App Daily globally for her outstanding contributions to innovation and leadership.

Prior to Genpact, she worked with Accenture, performing diverse roles and leading technology delivery for multinational clients. She also served on the board of Microfocus PLC until its acquisition by OpenText.

Vidya has a degree in science, majoring in Statistics from the Mumbai University, India.