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The rapid and significant changes in business and operating models require agility, but many CEOs and their teams feel trapped by the inability of their organizations to harness the power of technological (digital in particular) change – and feel the pressure of new entrants who, unencumbered by legacy baggage, upend industries. Established players’ current technology design is often inflexible, and as a result a 5-7 year delay in technology benefits realization is common. Layering technology onto old processes also yields incremental returns. Finally, technology, process, and analytics are often looked at in silos, diluting business impact.

We believe that digital technologies drive true transformation when combined with process knowledge and industry, functional, and operational domain expertise.

The solution rests on three tenets:

  • Implement agile technology solutions that complement existing IT investments
  • Leverage advanced technologies that impact governance, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Take an “operator’s” view: technology interventions with a focus on what works - firmly aligned to business outcomes, compressing time-to-results

Genpact's unique Lean Digital approach informs our interventions. Genpact Digital provides core IT services that optimize traditional technologies’ impact, and Systems of Engagement that complement them. Together, they enable modular, nimble solutions tightly aligned to business outcomes, driving the achievement of intelligent operations.

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