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Tech for Progress 360

How technology helps businesses build a world that works better for people

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Examining progress toward three core objectives

The world's ability to generate new sources of uncertainty has not declined. From the pandemic and racial injustice to climate change and even war, businesses keep having to draw on their agility and resilience.

The companies out in front are putting their people – especially their employees – and the planet first. Technology plays a critical role in this success, but not all organizations have fully embraced the opportunities it holds to support and enrich:

  • Employee experiences and the organizational culture
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our study with more than 500 senior executives from global enterprises takes a 360-degree view of how technology enables businesses to meet these three objectives. With expert insights from Comcast, Cox Communications, Driscoll's, Levi Strauss, Marsh, Microsoft, Genpact, and Rightpoint see how companies are using technology to create a world that works better for people.

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Part 3 - diversity, equity, and inclusion report

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Part 1: Engage employees, strengthen company culture

Remote work has been one of the most important management innovations of the past 20 years. It's kept people safe and businesses running. But employees' networks and company cultures have eroded. Find out how businesses are managing employee wellbeing, reskilling, onboarding, and nurturing their cultures in a hybrid world of work.

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Part 2: Accelerating climate action with data-led insight

The reality of the climate crisis cannot be ignored. As customers and employees seek out environmentally sound businesses, and regulators introduce stricter reporting requirements, environmental sustainability must form a core part of any business. But they need the right data foundations first.

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Part 3: Taking diversity, equity, and inclusion from ambition to reality

Data is like sunlight. As companies work to eliminate systemic inequalities, amplify underrepresented voices, and drive inclusivity at all levels, technology and analytics can accelerate that journey.

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