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Tech for Progress 360: Part 2

Accelerating climate action with data-led insight

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Environmental sustainability for businesses and the planet

The impact of climate change and growing regulation on emissions reporting and climate-related risks are pushing more businesses to make environmental sustainability a core part of their strategies.

With customers and employees seeking out environmentally sound businesses to buy from or work with, a strong sustainability agenda has become a critical source of competitive advantage. And technology plays an essential role.

Seizing the sustainability moment

Our three-part study with more than 500 senior executives from global enterprises explores how technology enables progress toward three distinct objectives: employee engagement and culture; environmental sustainability; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Part two examines how technology can support how businesses can achieve ambitious goals by:

  • Harnessing enterprise data to get a clear view of climate-related risks across their supply chains
  • Responding to increasing regulatory demands for reporting and disclosures
  • Using analytics and AI to reduce the company's impact on the environment and gain a competitive edge
  • Achieving better performance

Read the report to build on our findings and gain insight from Driscoll's and Genpact.

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Read the press release here.

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Tech for Progress: Accelerating climate action with data-led insight