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A well-run channel partnership network can take your business to the next level

A robust channel partnership network is a proven way to expand your company's market share, grow your business, and stay ahead of the competition. But when partners span the world and have varying needs and capabilities, managing the revenue they generate becomes highly complex – and protecting that revenue becomes mission-critical.


Fortify the weak links in your partnership chain

So many elements impact revenue management today. It's hard enough establishing prices for your products that ensure ideal profit margins while still delivering true value to customers. But factor in issues directly affecting your relationships with your channel partners, and complexities that can eat into your profits and margins multiply.

Without the right revenue protection system in place, expect the following challenges:

  • Invisibility into partner activity, which leads to poor control over pricing
  • An error-prone manual pricing process
  • An average selling price that erodes across markets and channels
  • 4% revenue leakage from rebates, market development fund (MDF) payouts, and other incentives
  • Overpayments to partners
  • Unwarranted discounts
  • Limited planning and scenario modeling capabilities
  • An ineffective master data management system
  • An overall weak channel management infrastructure that impedes excellence

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Digitizing to plug the hole in revenue leakage

Genpact's revenue-protection-as-a-service is a comprehensive channel data management solution that's effective throughout the full partnership lifecycle.

Digitizing the channel partner lifecycle

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The wide-ranging benefits of Revenue Protection as a Service

As part of this cost-effective managed service, we establish a center of excellence (CoE) that's built on our experience with several projects. The CoE team consolidates and assumes governance over master data that's pulled and cleaned from every pertinent source. This makes critical intelligence available and clearly visible in real time to all relevant stakeholders.

We apply industry-leading frameworks and analytics that ensure best practices. Our digital smart enterprises process performs granular data analyses and superior diagnostics and establishes cross-functional benchmarks, making processes as effective as possible. In short order, your channel partner network matures and the infrastructure strengthens, measured by the rapid improvement in customer satisfaction.

Here's what our solution does for you:

  • It plugs the hole in leakage by auditing overpayments, unwarranted discounts, and poorly allocated MDFs and by proactively calculating and validating eligibility
  • It deploys automation wherever needed, reducing the need for manual, error-prone processes, such as those that can adversely affect pricing and quoting
  • It yields analytics that help you choose, invest in, and retain the right partners
  • It monitors channel performance and individual channel earnings, delivering call-to-action insights
  • It reduces costs through shared services and right-shoring
  • Its route-to-market process picks the best distribution channels for reaching your target customers
  • It helps partners deliver innovative experiences to exceed customer expectations
  • It automates claims processing, accrual validation, and payouts
  • It logs disputes
  • It manages and certifies skill-enhancing programs for partners using artificial intelligence and machine learning

Your channel partnership ecosystem is only as strong as its weakest link. Genpact's revenue-protection-as-a-service solution fortifies your network for peak productivity to the great satisfaction of your partners, their customers – and ultimately your company's leadership.

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