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A vision for sales powered by analytics

How a global medical company boosted sales performance and transformed business insights with timely, accurate analytics

Who we worked with

A global medical company

How we helped

  • Created an analytics and insights hub built on agile principles
  • Developed state-of-the-art data and analytics solutions
  • Reimagined the sales incentive compensation process

What the company needed

  • Greater visibility into sales performance to grow its commercial business
  • Accurate and speedy access to business insights
  • A reliable, single source of data for analytics and reporting

What the company got

  • Widespread adoption of sales performance analytics, helping teams work more efficiently to secure an additional $38 million in sales
  • Minimized data processing time to increase overall productivity to 98%
  • Improved employee confidence in data and 100% accurate incentive payouts


Bringing data into focus

Our client, a global medical company, deals with exceptionally large volumes of disparate data. Analyzing sales performance and competitor and customer behavior was difficult.

The sheer volume and varying quality of data was also difficult to manage. Creating reports and sharing timely insights with decision makers and sales teams on how to boost sales was time consuming.

In fact, analysts were spending more than 80% of their time extracting and cleaning data for reporting, leaving little time to turn this data into insights. Even when analysts could draw insights, they often relied on manual spreadsheets, which led to inaccuracies. This created mistrust in data, especially among sales teams.

Our client needed to automate data processing and cleansing, speed up insight discovery, and create self-serve analytics solutions to guide strategic decision-making across its commercial business.


Analytics through an experience lens

Working with Genpact, the company set out to transform its analytics capabilities. We started with a six-week assessment, interviewing more than 100 executives, analysts, and commercial sales representatives to understand user needs.

From these interviews, we were able to identify the reasons behind inaccuracies, delayed decisions, limited visibility, and missed business opportunities.

By combining years of industry and digital expertise with findings from user research, we worked with our client to envision an ideal future state. This included automated, user-friendly analytics solutions that put the needs of the business and its employeesfirst.

To bring this vision to life, we designed a roadmap and used agile delivery principles to accelerate the path from proof of concept to solution delivery.

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Agile delivery principles

We conducted iterative development sprints backed by continuous user feedback to achieve defined goals at speed. We also established an analytics and insights hub, combining the skill sets of our client's analysts and commercial teams with Genpact experts to develop solutions for various business use cases.

We then executed several parallel phases to speed up delivery. As a result, new solutions could be delivered in just a few weeks.

Self-service analytics

To improve the user experience, we developed self-service analytics for our client’s commercial team so that they can generate their own insights on day-to-day activities.

Today, the company has a single source of data for reporting and analytics, whichis tailored to different business
segments. Key benefits include:

  • Easy access to KPIs: A central KPI landing page allows the commercial team to drill down into the details. Plus, robust quality checks ensure data accuracy.
  • An intuitive sales performance management system: More than 1,000 sales representatives can access reports through the performance management systems. They can track sales targets and explore ways to improve their performance.
  • A better use of employee time: Analysts have reduced time spent on data management from 80% to 20% – enabling them to focus their efforts on uncovering actionable business insights


A revitalized commercial business

With enhanced analytics capabilities, the commercial teams equipped the tools they needed to boost performance across all areas of its business.

  • Increased sales performance: Analysis reveals a correlation between how often sales representatives review the performance management system and their overall performance. For instance, the top 10 performers in 2019 – who generated $38 million in sales – logged into the system almost every day.
  • Productivity improvements: Thanks to automated data processing and reporting, employees have saved 1,729 hours of manual work, increasing overall productivity to 98%. They can now spend time identifying trends, collating insights, and making recommendations.
  • Greater confidence in analytics: Among sales representatives, data accuracy satisfaction ratings grew from 39% to 70%, while ease of use increased from 34% to 70%. These employees now trust in the data when making decisions and are actively using these insights in conversations with customers.

Meanwhile, incentive compensation statements – once filled with inaccuracies and taking up to 12 weeks to produce – now take half the time to create and are 100% accurate. Sales representatives trust they'll receive the correct payout and are highly motivated to meet their targets as a result.

Looking ahead, our client plans to introduce conversational AI, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics to other business processes to improve the employee experience and overall business performance. Genpact's approach to analytics, following agile principles and a focus on user experience, promises to guide the company further and faster along this digital transformation journey.

Learn more about our journeys in analytics with the client, watch Journeys in transformation - Building a data foundation, Teaming on analytics, and Democratizing data across the organization.

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