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Getting Guidewire right

Our team of property and casualty and Guidewire experts helps you get the most out of your Guidewire technology

The adoption of advanced digital technologies among property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies is gathering serious pace. Increasingly, these firms are using technology solutions to grow revenue, innovate, stay competitive, and reduce costs.

Many have turned to Guidewire, the industry's leading P&C cloud platform, to generate concrete results. Guidewire's Insurance Suite, Insurance Now, and Analytics products promise to accelerate digital transformation across the insurance life cycle and deliver better employee and customer experiences.


Some carriers may not be getting what they expected from Guidewire

For some, Guidewire hasn't provided all of the capabilities they had hoped. They've encountered functionality gaps and user experience pain points. What's more, these companies have found that identifying and resolving those issues is time-consuming and resource intensive.

Typical problems include:

  • Inefficient system workflows and business processes, such as multiple hand-off points or manual and repetitive work tasks
  • Difficulties accessing and using their existing data or integrating it with new data from Guidewire
  • System upgrade roadblocks
  • Knowledge gaps when it comes to understanding Guidewire's full capabilities and how to incorporate new capabilities, such as generative AI and other digital components


Find the right partner to change your Guidewire game

Genpact provides insurers using Guidewire with a game-changing range of offerings, tailored to each company's unique challenges, which target and resolve typical Guidewire problems. With extensive experience in the P&C industry, our Guidewire-certified technology experts deliver bespoke solutions that:

  • Increase the return on your Guidewire investment: Our return-on-investment solution analyzes your current business processes and determines how well they align with Guidewire. Then, based on your company's goals and business strategy, we provide recommendations to improve your processes connected to Guidewire:
  1. Implementation support — Our implementation advisors provide support during key phases of the implementation journey based on your needs. We take the time to understand your business and technology landscape and recommend what system architecture, processes, Guidewire core capabilities, and automation options will suit your business best. And we provide recommendations on how to fold them into your implementation
  2. Change management support — Our change management team drafts and implements a Guidewire-focused change management plan to engage your staff and make sure the transition runs smoothly
  • Get you through the transition: Our Guidewire-certified and cloud-platform experts will help manage the implementation of the technology itself. The team partners with you to support you through the whole process and eliminate gaps along the way
  • Support you post-implementation: We provide a highly skilled production support team to monitor, maintain, and enhance your Guidewire applications post-implementation
  • Empower you to make the most of Guidewire: We offer several solutions that incorporate advanced technologies, such as generative AI and predictive analytics, that enable you to turn data and insights into action and innovation:
  • Our business intelligence team defines and measures your key performance indicators, including claims and underwriting metrics, customer behavior, and more. We help you understand exactly how Guidewire is working for you and what your customers think too
  • Our data, generative AI, and predictive analytics teams take your work one step further. We help you use these advanced technologies for synthetic data generation, risk assessments, fraud detection, underwriting and pricing, claims analytics, loss reserving, and financial planning

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Your investment, maximized; your customers, satisfied

Genpact's solutions have an immediate and significant impact. With our Guidewire solutions, your business will:

  • Improve workflows and processes so they use Guidewire's capabilities more fully and holistically, transforming users' experiences, minimizing processing time, and reducing expenses
  • Take greater advantage of system-based code and capabilities, maximizing the return on your Guidewire investment and reducing the IT efforts required for ongoing maintenance
  • Ensure your employees are happy with their new processes, improving staff morale, reducing manual work, and freeing up your employees to focus their time on value-added tasks, such as serving customers
  • Provide your teams with quick and easy access to data insights and trends related to daily operations so they can make timely, impactful decisions that maximize work production and address bottlenecks in the workflow

Our insurance and technology experts will identify and resolve your Guidewire concerns and keep your business current, competitive, innovative, and customer focused.

Let us help you get Guidewire off the ground or running better in your organization

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