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Business transformation that unlocks retail growth and connects ecosystems

Maximize competitive edge in a modern, consumer-driven economy

Introducing the next–generation retailer

Even though the economic landscape remains unstable, retailers have found a way to keep growing. But to thrive, they will need to remain agile and respond to changes in consumer behavior, tight margins, and the rise of e-commerce. Here are the five priorities retailers must focus on to keep growing:

  • Managing the shift from exclusive, store-based outlets to accommodate online capability
  • Adopting a more connected approach to digital commerce in terms of technology infrastructure, customer journeys, and operating models as traditional brick-and-mortar stores compete against next-generation retailers
  • Improving distribution through augmented supply chain visibility, integration, and management. Order fulfillment (for example, last-mile delivery and curbside pickup), warehouse management, and procurement all require investment
  • Ensuring digital capabilities are in place to support AI, cloud services, and integration to deliver better online experiences. Retailers need to respond faster given the speed of change in consumer behavior and technological advancements
  • Addressing outdated legacy systems and neglected back-office processes to catch up with digital-savvy competitors

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How Genpact helps: Boosting agility, intelligence, and customer experience and elevating back-office functionality

Genpact is a leader in customer-centric, digital transformation, helping retailers deliver key business outcomes and value that drives growth and opportunity. We accelerate process automation, supercharge artificial intelligence and analytics, and redesign customer experiences so businesses can thrive.

At Genpact, we use our expertise to transform retail operations, making them responsive and relevant.

  • Genpact has 20+ years of industry knowledge
  • We work with 5 of the top 10 global retailers
  • We have over 3,500 retail experts across the globe
  • We process over 6 billion data transactions every month
  • And we manage over 500,000 SKUs

We partner with major retailers to help them delight customers at every point on the buying journey.

With Genpact, you can reshape operations around the consumer

Transforming operations for digital readiness
By leveraging our industry expertise and process knowledge, Genpact leverages cloud technology to unlock opportunities to optimize demand and supply planning, providing a holistic view of the supply chain.

Intelligence that drives customer engagement – adding real business value
With our depth of knowledge and proven methodologies, we enable retailers to quickly deploy APIs and deliver at speed. We also reduce revenue leakage, enabling clients to recover significant revenue through analytics-based tools.

Exceptional customer experiences based on digital expertise
Genpact's Rightpoint approach is a human-centered, evidence-based approach to customer service. It bridges the physical and digital to achieve seamless, intuitive, and meaningful experiences that deepen relationships and simplify CX complexity to delight customers.

Elevating back-office functionality to create a platform for sustainability
Retailers can better understand the impact of the back office on the bottom line and can future-proof services through our finance and accounting (F&A) services.

Using our solutions, clients reap benefits such as the ability to:

  • Transform back-office processes
  • Improve asset management and merchandising
  • Improve margins with a reduction of revenue leakages
  • Improve F&A
  • Improve supply chains and logistics

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