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Our Insurance in the Age of Instinct report reveals three macrotrends that will shape the insurance industry and the world by 2025. Our insights explore how successful insurers will connect, predict, and adapt to become instinctive insurers and lifelong protectors in their customers’ lives.

Are you ready for the future of insurance?

Insurance in the Age of Instinct

As your insurer prepares for the world it will operate in tomorrow, our report offers a guide to transformation.

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Walking the digital transformation tightrope: How insurers can find agility and growth

Agile transformation Insurance leaders share lessons on how to deliver agile, results-oriented transformation.

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The instinctive insurer in action

Bajaj Allianz's digital strategy and solutions enabled seamless customer service during COVID-19.

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The future of claims

Connected, personal, and proactive

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The future of insurance: from premium collectors to lifelong protectors

Learn how some insurers are shifting to a new business model.

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When insurers become protectors

Instinctive insurers will use predictive insights to approve claims in minutes and evolve into lifelong protectors.

Ethical impact

Insurers must shift from offering blanket policies to acting as responsible guardians.

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How AI can tackle climate change

Insurers can tackle climate change with AI and by collaborating with a broad ecosystem of partners.

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The insurance customer experience in 2025

Insurers will use data and digital technologies to deepen customer connections.

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