Deconstructing digital transformation in insurance
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Deconstructing digital transformation strategies in insurance

How to deliver the promise of digital

Insurers are embarking on a rapid program of digitization to compete in a rapidly evolving market and future-proof their growth. But how do they make successful investments that improve the customer experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs at the same time?

We worked with Everest Group to interview leading insurance enterprises to find out:

  • The key drivers for their transformation journeys and the levels of digital maturity across industry segments
  • How they are operationalizing these efforts in terms of spearheading, prioritizing, funding, and executing initiatives
  • The new target operating models required and the investments needed to reach them

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Insurers are centralizing their transformation strategies to avoid the mistakes of previously siloed investments. But they must strike a balance between a centralized versus federated approach to avoid bureaucratic transformation journeys that don’t deliver the promised ROI.

The exclusive research report reveals a move away from a federated approach towards a centralized strategy to ensure successful investments and includes some guiding principles for insurers’ transformation journeys. Read the report to find out:

  • The five stages of operationalizing digital transformation
  • How to build a compelling business case for investment
  • Common challenges to transformation and how to overcome them

How we're bringing digital transformation to life across insurance