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Guiding next-generation customer experiences via Cora Journey360

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Fortune 1000 organizations are placing customers at the center of their business strategies—but many are struggling in a digital era to achieve their goals. Journey-driven transformation is an end-to-end framework that blends deep domain and process expertise with next-generation digital technologies to connect experiences across the front, middle, and back offices.

TandemSeven, a Genpact company, is a pioneer in journey-driven transformation—combining consulting services with Cora Journey360 software for continuous customer experience improvements and the acceleration of overall digital transformation.

Delivering multi-dimensional views of customer experience

Cora Journey360 provides a centralized capability to create, view, monitor, and measure data-driven journeys and personas as part of digital transformation efforts. Going well beyond standard journey mapping capabilities, Cora Journey360 connects to data from any source, and to underlying operational systems, processes, and technologies. This is a critical, as many customer experience issues occur in the middle or back offices, rather than in the front end.

The software ingests data and research from work done during the customer-centered digital strategy phase to enable the creation of journeys and personas. Teams gain a comprehensive and real-time view of user challenges, preferences, triggers, and priorities across all touchpoints, channels, and devices. Realtime dashboards enable dynamic measurement of the health of experiences across multiple layers of the organization at different points in time.

Part of Genpact Cora

Cora Journey360 is part of Genpact Cora, an open platform with an integrated suite of next-generation capabilities such as AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP). Through collaboration with Genpact’s customer experience (CX) data analytics teams, Cora Journey360 can ingest Cora-generated data in areas like speech analysis and voice recognition.

Machine learning capabilities enable predictive insights into future customer behaviors–significantly accelerating momentum toward the desired future state experience.

Cora Journey360 key benefits:

Cora Journey360 provides comprehensive capabilities around data-driven journeys and personas to help teams create desired future state experiences. Benefits include:

  • Data-driven journeys and personas: Create standardized journeys and personas based on data from any data source or research
  • Single source of truth: Provide a single view of customer journeys and personas across the entire enterprise
  • Ensure consistency and speed time-to-market: Automatically update all relevant assets simultaneously based on a single input/change
  • Connect to underlying operations: Seamlessly connect to underlying systems, processes, and technologies to enhance the experience across every touchpoint, channel, and device
  • Accelerate achieving the future state: Automate manual, time-intensive tasks related to journeys and personas to spend more time analyzing data and moving toward the future state


Guiding next-generation customer experiences via Cora Journey360

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  • Measure CX: Leverage data-driven dashboards to monitor the health of customer experiences over time and across organizational layers to make continuous improvements
  • Enable scalability: Connect to Genpact’s Cora platform to leverage an integrated suite of digital building blocks like AI, natural language processing, and machine learning

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you with your journey-driven transformation with Cora Journey360 please contact us at and request a demo. 


Creating better customer experiences with Cora Journey360

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