Revitalizing the customer experience for Arkopharma
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Revitalizing the customer experience for Arkopharma

With heartier digital reporting

Who we worked with

Arkopharma, a European leader in nutritional supplements with a presence in more than 60 countries.

What the company needed

  • To impress customers and heighten their experience through better customer relationship management and reporting.
  • To maintain its internationally recognized quality certification.

How we helped

Using the Genpact Cora Orchestration platform, Arkopharma and partners analyzed, modeled, automated, and digitized business processes to collect and centralize customer contact data.

What the company got

  • Staff responds 40% faster to customer enquiries
  • More satisfied customers served—with the same amount of resources—in less time
  • The sales team gets all the information it needs on one screen
  • Significant savings per year
  • Continued good standing with certification bodies

Arkopharma is the European leader in phytotherapy and nutritional supplements. The company has 1,500 employees and five international subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. Known for its innovative culture, the firm differentiates itself from its rivals with a wide range of products offered at competitive prices.


Respond to customers faster with all systems going full blast

Customers experienced long wait times to find out the status of their orders. The company needed to do much better if it wanted to maintain its reputation for quality—and its certification. But it couldn’t afford to make changes to its processes if doing so would interrupt business or cause down time.

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Agile architecture that evolves with the company

Genpact Cora Orchestration was the answer. It applied a process-orchestration layer between Arkopharma’s existing customer relationship management and enterprise relationship management systems. Its agile architecture can readily adapt to the needs of a company with a reputation for rapidly evolving. And the Business Process Management platform means users can make changes on-the-fly while business goes on as usual.

What’s more, the whole solution went live within 16 weeks, right on schedule. Orchestration came in within budget, too—and since the firm rolled it out, Arkopharma’s customer service team is responding to an average of 800 customer calls per week.


A smooth transition, heightened productivity —and the best service ever for customers.

Here are just a few of the benefits the company now enjoys:

  • Sales administration users now have an efficient tool for driving their daily activities and retrieving key data for global customer satisfaction analysis and improvement.
  • Cora Orchestration’s complete integration with existing systems made it the best tool for meeting the sales administration team’s needs.
  • Cora Orchestration’s analytics and statistics provide a quantitative review of sales administration activity, including number of calls, time spent on operations, and so on.
  • Process analysis strengthened the dialogue between various departments. Now, sales administration, sales, marketing, quality control, and other groups work together to reach the same goal: delivering an excellent customer experience around the globe.
  • Significant savings per year

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