Generative AI in insurance: Insights from industry leaders
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Navigating the gen AI revolution in insurance: Insights from industry leaders

Embrace generative AI to future-proof your insurance business models

Thanks to its exciting potential and fast adoption, it's clear that generative AI (gen AI) is here to stay. Some insurance companies are already setting themselves apart, leading the charge to become fully data-driven enterprises so they can make the most of gen AI's unique abilities. They're implementing gen AI, and they are seeing real results. But those hesitant to embrace this transformative technology risk falling behind or, worse, facing an existential crisis.

In this webinar hosted by Intelligent Insurer, Suhas Sethi, global business leader of insurance at Genpact, moderated a session featuring prominent industry experts:

Their engaging conversation unveils key considerations for insurers looking to advance on their gen AI journey. Tune in now to explore:

  • Gen AI's role in empowering insurers to deliver personalized, proactive, and efficient customer experiences, fostering stronger relationships and driving business growth
  • The readiness of data in insurance enterprises and the critical importance of data quality and security
  • Real-world gen AI applications and use cases that revolutionize risk modeling, improve customer service, and transform claims processing
  • The role of regulators in facilitating gen AI adoption while ensuring transparency and protecting customer interests

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