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Journeys in transformation – Fueling sustainability with data

Advanced analytics and digital technologies have become the new catalysts for businesses to measure, act, and report on their sustainability goals. And it's no different for Envision Racing – a founding team in the all-electric, single-seater FIA Formula E World Championship – which relies on the power of data and the popularity of motorsports to bring awareness to the climate crisis.

Apart from sharing the benefits of electric vehicles and how future technologies could help drivers minimize their impact on the environment, Envision Racing has committed to inspiring 400 million fans to take action on climate change.

Join Genpact's global analytics leader, Amaresh Tripathy, and Envision Racing's managing director and chief technology officer, Sylvain Filippi, to learn how our analytics solutions empower the team to increase fan engagement, reduce carbon emissions, and defeat the competition.

Three steps toward fighting climate change with data

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