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Perfect process fusion

Integrating operations streamlines bank’s acquisition of commercial leasing portfolio

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Who we worked with

A global bank with $1.9 trillion in assets.

What the company needed

To merge newly acquired business with the existing one. This major bank acquired commercial leasing and lending assets worth over $27 billion from a leading financial services company. But merging these assets into the bank’s existing businesses presented a challenge. It needed to integrate processes, IT system, applications, and onboard full-time employees.

How we helped

Consolidate operations spread across 7 operating sites. We harnessed our process, domain and technology expertise to organize the work into 12 transition bundles and set up a governance structure. We adhered to best practices to effectively manage the project and make sure it was executed on time and on budget. 

What the company got

Zero impact on operational delivery and go-live ahead of schedule. With Genpact overseeing the consolidation, the bank experienced zero impact on operational delivery. As a result, their customers experienced a seamless process. The integration was fast, too, going live 46 days prior to the end date of the transitional service agreement (TSA).

With Genpact overseeing the consolidation, the bank experienced zero impact on operational delivery. As a result, its customers experienced a seamless process. The integration was fast, too, going live 46 days prior to the end date of the transitional service agreement (TSA). Between June 2015 and March 2016, the global bank purchased more than $27 billion worth of commercial leasing and lending assets from a leading financial services company. This acquisition presented an outstanding opportunity for the bank to strengthen its presence in key commercial lending markets. But to seize a lucrative opportunity, the bank needed an intricate plan that would quickly consolidate holdings with existing business processes personnel. By partnering with Genpact, the company completed the integration fast, without operational problems.


Integrate and consolidate

When the bank acquired the new commercial leasing and lending assets, it faced a real challenge. It had to consolidate operations across seven locations and integrate the assets into its existing IT infrastructure and systems. What’s more, employees had to be trained and brought up to speed on those systems and processes. The bank needed to:

  • Integrate 60 processes
  • Integrate IT systems, applications, and onboarding
  • Onboard and train 474 full-time employees
  • Conduct a legal review and repaper existing contracts for the bank’s lines of business 


Organize, streamline, lead

Genpact has an expert pool of more than 500 employees with extensive experience in commercial leasing, providing support to about $200 billion worth of managed assets. We harnessed this expertise to organize the work of consolidation into 12 transition bundles based on criticality, complexity, and location.

We installed five transition managers to lead these bundles, and aligned leaders for IT, infrastructure, and operations across five operating sites. Our team staged weekly governance meetings with all leaders to discuss, formalize, and report activities and plans related to the project. 

Our team prepared test scripts for each process and conducted a time and motion study for all applications both at the existing account premises as well as at the new account location. We conducted risk assessments at both the process and application level to forecast any issues that could arise during production. We also clearly defined the roles of each employee to avoid overlaps and to streamline all activities.

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We adhered to best practices at every stage of the engagement for best-in-class and efficient delivery.

We mapped processes and placed them into various bundles. Then, we assigned a transition manager for each one, including the following

  • Risk assessment: We evaluated process and applications to prepare for issues that could arise during production.
  • IT adaptation maps: We determined what IT each process would require and replaced the incompatible applications with the new ones.
  • Performance testing: We conducted a time and motion study for applications in the bank’s existing and acquired IT systems. We prepared a comparative report measuring base lining and performance testing. We also developed test scripts for each process. 
  • Descriptive roles and an effective weekend cut-over plan: In the run-up to tests across locations and sites, each team member learned precisely what to do, and we created a detailed scheduling plan for the transition to streamline all activities
  • Governance: We conducted weekly meetings with internal stakeholders, onshore transition managers, and IT relationship managers to ensure end-to-end visibility
  • Go–live and follow up: We took the project live well before the scheduled date. In the weeks that followed, our team worked closely with key stakeholders to help the bank stabilize the systems, iron out issues and manage the change effectively


Quick and seamless integration

With our experienced commercial leasing team and resources in place, the bank seamlessly integrated its vast new portfolio into its existing lines of business. By adhering to stringent timelines throughout the process, we took the project live 45 days before the client deadline.

The bank’s project team, as well as the leaders of each line of business, were thrilled with the outcome, and today the company continues to manage its expansive commercial leasing portfolio with ease. It’s simply business as usual.

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