Sep 01, 2014

Using Cloud for Learning

Why cloud? 
Competitiveness in today’s dynamic world is all about speed, and in the context of our industry—one that is defining the future of business processes—the ability to move with speed is directly proportionate to the ability (and motivation) of our associates and leaders to learn at the required rate (read: speed). Learning must be ongoing, accessible, and relevant to business change. The vehicle that drives learning must be ready to cater to these factors. Cloud-based platforms turbocharge the speed at which we can enable our colleagues to learn, and therefore accelerate our ability to deliver more impact to our clients than our competitors.

What has cloud solved for us? 
At one level, moving to a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) is our answer to making learning accessible and available anytime, anywhere. At the next level, the cloud is also a step toward enabling a behavior change in which learning is self-driven and self-paced, and people have a clear view of how learning has a direct impact on individual productivity and growth. The launch of a new cloud-based LMS touched our learners in a big way. Here are the immediate changes:

  1. The new system can be accessed by every employee, anywhere in the world, even via the Internet, meaning that learning is now accessible to every Genpact employee. The older system was accessible only on the Genpact network, so a considerable number of our 7,000-plus employees who operate on non-Genpact networks or work from client sites were unable to access the learning system.
  2. Designed with the user in mind. The unified, agile, and integrated functionality of iLearn (the brand name of our cloud-based platform) provides our employees with an easy-to-use and easy-to-access learning platform. It will help them become more aware of the different development opportunities at Genpact, including professional skills, Education@Work, and domain programs, and therefore increase their ability to choose the right programs that will enable them to grow and succeed at Genpact. iLearn will directly connect to our performance management system, also on the cloud, and will link employees’ training choices to individual development needs and help build on strengths to create even bigger impact.
  3. The cornerstone on-demand LMS is compatible with many training partner platforms, including Harvard, Skillsoft, and,thus increasing our ability to deliver the best in training to our people.
  4. For the first time, we will be able to host all operations training on one global-system and track the learning paths of our 4,000-plus processes. This will allow us to keep strengthening our process training and build best-in-class domain and service line training capability over time.

Next Milestones 
These are, of course, stepping-stones toward a larger agenda for learning: to create an environment of hyper-learning where our people will have the ability and motivation to learn faster than our clients and competitors and will have “on tap” what they need to make even more impact for our global clients.

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Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal

Senior Vice President, Training

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