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Jan 30, 2017

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Effective January 1, 2017, we are increasing paid maternity leave for all our women employees in India from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. This change will benefit birth mothers as well as adopting and commissioning mothers.

There are some times and occasions when I love my job even more than usual and this is one of them - because I am part of an organization that actively supports the above agenda. How many people get to do that?

We are living in times of rapid change, rapid change that is affecting all areas of our lives, change that brings with it uncertainty and new challenges and sometimes fear. More than ever before, people are struggling to maintain a healthy and financially-viable work-life balance and the last thing a woman needs is to have to give up a career in which she has invested so much of her energy and passion, because she is going to become a mother. We need to find more and better ways in which to make it worth a woman's while to be successful in the workplace, as well as start a family and be happy. Our aspiration is to be an industry leader in this area, and adopt market-leading practices and innovative ways in which to make this happen.

This was exactly the focus of our flagship Career 2.0 program, which brings women back to work after a hiatus. It seems such a shame to have to lose valuable women employees when their careers are just beginning to take flight – and across the globe we have managed to bring some terrific talent into Genpact with this initiative.

Our Returning Moms Program for existing Genpact employees already has a number of women-friendly initiatives that help women adapt and cope as they become mothers – like daycare facilities at or near as many of our offices as possible, Stork Parking at all our locations and the opportunity to work from home, or to work flexi-hours, depending on what suits them best. These are all part of an extensive plan to make life easier for women, and help them stay on at work.

This new move to extend the length of maternity leave to 26 weeks is a huge milestone in our journey towards creating a supportive ecosystem for our women employees and a really big step towards encouraging other organizations and institutions to adopt these pro-women practices as well.

Women must be able to bask in the joy and glory of their motherhood and truly enjoy every moment of it, confident in the knowledge that their jobs await them when they get back to work, and knowing that every effort will be made to accommodate them and make them comfortable when they do. This is a promise and a commitment that we have to make if we are to be a truly supportive organization.

We must have women in the workplace, whatever it takes and at all costs. And I am confident that we will continue to find greater ways in which to do so.

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Piyush Mehta

Piyush Mehta

Chief Human Resources Officer

Piyush Mehta leads Genpact’s global Human Resources (HR) function and in this capacity has played an integral role in the organization's journey to becoming an Employer of Choice.

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