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Accelerate digital transformation through a human-centric lens
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Discover practical tips on how to combine the art of customer understanding with the science of AI and digital to create personalized journeys.

We architect and develop new portals to enable self-service and improve customer experience.

Learn how to look at your transformation through an experience lens.


Fortune 1000 clients


market share growth from platform innovation


faster ROI through agile methodologies

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I want to reimagine my customer experience.

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Experience Driven Transformation

Our Experience-Driven Transformation approach helps you reimagine the customer and employee experience in context of business strategy. We apply qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that experiences map to user needs. Cora Journey360, our experience design and analytics platform, augments the process.

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Service Design

Service design helps you leverage multi-disciplinary teams to reimagine experiences across all digital and non-digital touchpoints. We develop a Service Design blueprint that helps guide your transformation across people, process, and technology from front to back office.

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I want to innovate new products and platforms.

1 Product & Solution

Digital Product Innovation

We combine best practices, out-of-the-box thinking, and a designed agile approach to help you create new digital products and services. Multi-disciplinary teams engage in every step of the process from strategy through execution. Ongoing sprints and continuous user feedback drive speed, quality, and continuous innovation.

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I want to modernize my digital products and platforms.

1 Product & Solution

Platform Modernization

We help you deliver customer value with agile velocity—accelerating your ability to modernize innovative products and platforms. Our multi-disciplinary teams take a holistic enterprise view that drives speed, agility, and scalability.

Banks must embrace customer-centric transformation

I want to measure my customer experience.

1 Product & Solution

Experience Design & Analytics

Cora Journey360 provides a single source of truth about your customers, enabling critical experience measurement. Data-driven dashboards, which connect to front-, middle-, and back-end operations, illustrate the health of journeys over time. We combine software and best practices to help teams identify and communicate measurable benefits to C-suite executives.

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I want to rapidly scale my customer experience initiatives.

1 Product & Solution

High Velocity Engineering

We leverage high velocity engineering (HVE) capabilities to develop purpose-built customer and employee experience solutions for our clients. We combine the right digital building blocks – including AI, Analytics, and Automation – at the right time depending on your needs.

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