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Genpact's acquisition of leading digital consultancy Rightpoint is helping our clients transform and thrive in the experience economy.

New to experience-led transformation? It all begins with advanced data and customer insights. See how our research methodologies help enterprises reach new customers and clients in the experience economy.

Learn more about service design and platform modernization, two crucial parts of customer experience transformation.

Waters Corporation demonstrated the attributes of an experience-led business by applying user research to its digital customer experience strategy.


Fortune 500 clients


faster ROI through agile methodologies


market share increase following launch of banking portal

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Ready to explore customer experience transformation? We'll help you develop a robust digital customer experience management strategy underpinned by innovation, customer journey maps, and digital transformation. We have all the digital customer experience solutions you need to achieve your experience aspirations.

I need an experience strategy to drive business results

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Experience strategy and execution

We partner with our clients to create a customer experience innovation strategy that connects to broader business and digital objectives. Grounded in user research and data, we connect digital customer experience strategy to robust execution to enhance customer and employee satisfaction and drive revenue, market share, and cost savings. To begin your experience-led transformation, we'll help you map your current and future customer journey.

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Service design

Service design is a multidisciplinary approach that helps you reimagine new ways of working to achieve business objectives. It breaks down silos with customer and employee experience innovation to guide change from the front to back office. We create a service design blueprint to serve as a roadmap to integrating advanced digital technologies based on your organization's maturity and needs.

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I want to innovate new solutions for my customers, employees, and partners

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Digital experience innovation

Business leaders and product managers are under pressure to create frictionless, omnichannel user experiences to attract new customers and increase revenue and market share. Whether we're building a new digital banking app for a top financial services firm, designing an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled employee portal for a hedge fund, or reimagining an accessible website design for a leading airline, we deliver tomorrow's experiences today.

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I want to modernize my CX and EX portals and platforms

1 Product & Solution

Experience-Led Platform Modernization

Our skilled teams help modernize customer-facing portals and platforms, often designing custom and scalable solutions within complex environments. With scalability always in mind, we seamlessly integrate emerging technologies such as conversational AI and machine learning to optimize experiences. Whether you lead IT, technology, digital, or experience transformation, we'll help you gain buy-in by creating a future-state roadmap that will enhance every user experience.

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I want to rapidly scale my experience initiatives

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Rapid innovation and product development

Our team of developers are experienced in rapid application prototyping and development within agile environments. We architect and integrate emerging technologies – such as conversational AI, chatbots, virtual and augmented reality, and predictive analytics – based on your unique objectives. We also develop standardized design systems, templates, and processes to help scale experiences across the enterprise.

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To succeed in the experience economy, organizations need to make digital customer experience management and customer experience transformation their top priorities. They must enhance and create channels that support one-to-one, relevant, and proactive communications, giving customers the personalized experience they demand. Ultimately, you need to get your customers, employees, and partners the service they need when they need it.

Genpact is uniquely positioned to help organizations in every industry create world-class experiences and shape the next phase of the experience economy. From whiteboard to rollout, Genpact is helping organizations embed customer experience across their operations. Our multidisciplinary teams lead with empathy, data, and creativity – backed by advanced digital technologies — always in pursuit of exceptional experiences.