Cora Journey360

Use customer journeys and personas to guide digital transformation

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Cora Journey360 Highlights

  • 70
    countries served
  • 18
    global delivery centers
  • 78
    employees obsessing over operations and focusing on the details
  • Intelligent journey maps and personas

    Cora Journey360 helps you create intelligent customer journeys and personas to drive your customer experience initiatives.

  • Vital data from any source

    The software connects to data from different sources to provide powerful customer insights and enable you to monitor and benchmark the health of customer experiences at every touchpoint.

A single source of truth

Cora Journey360 empowers your teams with a single source of truth about your customers.

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Easy monitoring of customer journeys

Real-time dashboards allow you to easily monitor the health of customer experiences over time.

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Connected front, middle, and back offices

The software connects to underlying operations to ensure a seamless experience for the customer.

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Cora Journey360 visualizes key moments, channels, pain points, and opportunities for improvement and innovation. Users can import qualitative and quantitative data, measure experiences over time, and help drive journey-driven transformation initiatives.

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