Consulting done differently

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Consulting done differently

At Genpact, we do things differently. Our people are ready to try something new and throw themselves into an environment that's worlds apart from the rigid, formal structures some consultants are confined by.  

We don't expect you to have all the answers. But we do expect you to tackle everything with an insatiable curiosity and endless humility. You'll learn from others, build knowledge in things you didn't even know existed, and unshackle your ambition.  

Come to Genpact if you want to pursue a better world while you pursue a better you. Join us if you want to see consulting done differently.

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Design thinking – Bridge the gap

Large, complex enterprises struggle to adapt to changing market dynamics at scale. Design thinking at Genpact addresses these issues by aligning the organization from end to end. Here's your chance to build on this skill to be future-ready in the consulting space! Dive in to shape the future of you. Visit our Adapt and rise platform, built in partnership with learning specialists Edcast, and inspired by work done at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.

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