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SkyDive Global Campus Academy

A one-of-a-kind program for graduates joining our Data-Tech-AI team

About the program

The SkyDive Global Campus Academy is a three-month long persona-driven experiential learning program that enables graduates joining Genpact build their industry knowledge, data analytics / tech skills, and professional development for future success.

The program immerses participants in the Genpact culture that brings together great minds, leading technologies, and astute business acumen. It deepens their knowledge and accelerates the growth of our Data-Tech-AI services.

The SkyDive Global Campus Academy has hyper-specialized persona-based tracks. This structure enables our employees to develop critical digital and cognitive capabilities, social and emotional skills, adaptability, and resilience.

The building blocks

The SkyDive Global Campus Academy offers participants a range of opportunities, including:

  • Back to basics: Master foundational skills in data analytics / tech through microlearning sessions
  • Expert masterclasses: Join in-depth, technical workshops led by expert instructors and build your knowledge of core data-science programming languages
  • Industry colloquiums: Meet with internal leaders and external experts through these interactive forums
  • Integrated labs: Use these hands-on sessions to practice using the tools and platforms that are critical for businesses
  • Ignite-Innovate-Invent: Participate in our shark-tank competition and build a start-up mindset. We'll give you a real-life business problem to craft a solution, keeping in mind key parameters like commercial viability, business value, ease of conducting business, and more. Toward the end of the program, each group of five participants presents its solution to a panel of experts who will critique and offer opportunities for improvement
  • Gravitas: Hone your soft skills through a series of personality development sessions
  • Campus to careers: Meet previous campus recruits who will share their experiences through these 'campus to careers' open forums
  • MentorMe: Be mentored by leaders through a six-month-long program
  • Joy@Work: Say yes to fun... Be part of wholesome activities like charades, quizzes, and more


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