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ProcessColab for external expertise and open innovation

ProcessColab is Genpact’s collaboration community for open Innovation between clients, subject matter experts and highly qualified external partners. It helps clients tap into crowdsourced external intelligence to solve a variety of challenges thus enabling rapid access to new ideas and solutions.

The community currently has thousands of registered experts, 40% with more than 25 years of experience. They bring to the table a unique perspective that allows them to ‘connect the dots’ and find innovative solutions to business problems. Over the last three years, experts and partners from diverse areas including healthcare, analytics, retail, merchandising, social media and manufacturing have collectively helped solve more than 350 challenges on the community.

Clients can leverage ProcessColab for multiple requirements:

  • Ideation
  • Research and insights
  • Solution development
  • Product innovation & validation

Some examples of challenges solved are: improving effectiveness of Trade Promotions activities in the Consumer Goods industry, reducing discharge time for Healthcare providers, improving fraud detection in Insurance, routing optimization in Logistics & Transportation etc. The ProcessColab platform optimizes the entire challenge lifecycle – from challenge formulation, posting, evaluation, and awards. Additionally, through collaboration features like blogging, community creation and content sharing, the network leverages the power of collective intelligence thus encouraging the community to learn from each other.

The Elements of Unified Collaboration framework

Genpact’s Unified Collaboration framework benefits from a powerful combination of tools that truly revolutionize the way global teams work.


Enables real time collaboration and visibility across distributed teams, while maintaining control and compliance.

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Best-in-class social community platform, promoting asynchronous collaboration between our clients and employees.

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Tool which uses big data and social network analysis to evaluate relationship health between teams working together.

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