Unified Collaboration

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Unified Collaboration

Beyond Unified Communications: Smarter Collaboration for Global Delivery

Ensuring productive collaboration between the service delivery organizations of large enterprises and their clients, employees and business partners is no easy task, especially in the midst of volatility, accelerating globalization, need for agility and the business realities of cost and risk management. Traditional tools – from phones to emails, from instant messaging to the occasional video conference – do not provide a conclusive answer. Instead, a surprisingly useful combination of process practices, technologies and analytics make it possible to collaborate with remote teams as if they were next door. Today.

Solutions currently adopted by organizations present the following challenges:

  • Constrained communications limit global service delivery organizations and work-from-home, impacting cost and effectiveness of services, and may create delivery risks
  • Existing solutions are too fragmented (IM, phone, Skype), unnatural (e.g. ERP, workflow) or casual (social platforms)

Yet, the prize can be big: better collaboration between globally distributed teams enable access to expertise much faster, accelerate solutions through “first time right”, and ultimately inject the diversity needed for continuous improvement and innovation. Collaboration also acts as a potent stabilizer in times of transformation.

Genpact's Unified Collaboration solutions take a comprehensive life cycle view (from design to operation) – offering solutions that span across the enterprises’ flow of work covering synchronous and asynchronous people collaboration, monitoring of relationship health for proactive governance and enabling open innovation to harness and develop new ideas. These are not just technologies: we work with our clients to deploy the solutions driving adoption and member engagement which is the key to drive sustainable impact.

The Four Elements of Unified Collaboration framework

Genpact’s Unified Collaboration framework benefits from a powerful combination of four tools that truly revolutionize the way global teams work.


Genpact's OneFloor enables real time collaboration and visibility across distributed teams, while maintaining control and compliance. It creates a team-centric co-worker “virtual floor” foundation for intuitive access to performance dashboards, voice and video calls, instant messaging, online meetings, screen sharing, white-boards, floor video, info bulletins, geo-location and more. Learn more


Glue a best-in-class social community platform promotes asynchronous collaboration between our clients and employees. Using groups, blogs, discussions, ideas, polls etc., Glue connects teams and facilitates open conversations, helps build a long term knowledge pool and creates strong enduring partnerships. Learn more


ProcessColab, our open-innovation collaboration community for clients, subject matter experts and highly qualified external partners, help you tap into global intelligence and expertise. It applies the principles of crowd sourcing and open innovation to solving simple to complex challenges in the area of business and technology process management. Learn more

Operations Network Analytics

Genpact’s Operations Network Analytics tool uses big data and social network analysis to evaluate relationship health between teams working together. Developed on the basis of research from MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence, it helps in a proactive approach to identifying and solving problems resulting in timely investigations and corrective actions. Learn more