Intelligent Operations

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Lean Digital Enterprises need Intelligent Business Operations

Much of today’s conversation regarding new social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies (SMAC) is misleading. The debate should focus on the ability to reimagine processes through the use of technology and analytics.

Some extremely technology savvy organizations, often new and disruptive players, have recognized this and have used technology to upend entire industries, but they are not technology companies. They are archetypal examples of Lean Digital enterprises that leverage intelligent operations – organizations built on smart processes that are able to sense, act, and learn from the outcome of their actions, at scale.

The playing field doesn’t naturally favor disruptors, however. Some incumbents are fighting back – often with our help. Banks can now engage clients at scale through multi-channel models enabled by technology and related data-driven insights. Pharmaceutical companies can improve patient interactions during the initial phases of product launches. Manufacturers can optimize their assets and capture more value from their clients by deploying more cost-effective services based on more insightful data. Finance departments can manage credit risk globally in real time.

To bolster technology driven competitiveness however, the frame of reference must change. Practices developing in one industry can cross-pollinate others – we see examples spanning across financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer products, high technology. The traditional divide between front and back office will lose some of its significance as the sensing, action and learning triggered by every client interaction is now cutting across enterprises in unprecedented ways. And while strategy, corporate finance, product design, and creative marketing remain vitally important, they must learn to synergize with technology-driven operations if they are to truly harness the power of new technology.

Disruptors know this very well – but established players can inject that genome into their own operations, with the help of the right partner.

This is the objective of our work, and the source of our inspiration and passion: we reimagine end-to-end processes and respective operations through effective technology and analytics, so that those intelligent operations make their enterprises more competitive. That’s generating impact.