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Transform IT services end to end with ServiceNow

Accelerate the digital transformation of your IT services, operations, and assets

IT spending is on the rise as organizations work hard to deliver new solutions for customers, better experiences for employees, and greater value for stakeholders. Forward thinkers are introducing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, and cloud solutions to improve service delivery, reduce operational costs, and streamline asset management.

But every transformation journey comes with its challenges.


Legacy systems, unreliable data, and limited visibility

As IT services teams play an increasingly strategic business role, agility is essential. Unfortunately, they're facing some big challenges along the way:

  • Legacy systems limit the delivery of modern services and prevent data-driven decision-making
  • A lack of an enterprise repository for the data associated with configuration items (CI) slows incident resolution times
  • Limited infrastructure visibility leaves IT struggling to maintain the availability of critical business services
  • No centralized system for tracking and managing hardware and software assets leads to unnecessary spending
  • Noncompliance with software licenses poses legal, financial, and operational risks

The solution? A comprehensive approach for transforming IT services.

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Blending ServiceNow technology with Genpact expertise

Our end-to-end IT services transformation solution supports business agility, speed, and data-driven decision-making. How? We combine ServiceNow offerings with our digital accelerators, deep business and technology expertise, and best practices gained from leading IT transformation projects across industries.

Our flexible, scalable solution acts as a user-friendly system of engagement that seamlessly integrates with existing systems. It brings everything together to optimize IT service management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT asset management (ITAM).

Our solution covers five core components to solve your biggest IT challenges:

  1. Rapid ServiceNow ITSM implementation: An IT infrastructure library helps to standardize processes and workflows and accelerate IT transformation
  2. Configuration management database (CMDB) implementation based on ServiceNow's Common Service Data Model (CSDM): Our best practices offer an accurate and comprehensive repository for all CI data to fast-track problem-solving, aligned to ServiceNow's CSDM framework
  3. Resource mapping: Get complete visibility into your IT infrastructure so you can understand how components connect, make informed decisions, and maintain critical business services
  4. Expense oversight: A centralized system for tracking and managing assets from acquisition to disposal makes it easier to manage IT spending on hardware, software, and cloud resources
  5. Comprehensive compliance: A single, unified platform will help you achieve software license compliance across your enterprise

A closer look at Genpact's digital accelerator

Digital accelerators are designed to speed up transformation and are built using best practices from previous projects. We streamline ServiceNow implementation through our digital accelerator, GENNOW, which features:

  • A ready-made platform that requires minimal configuration
  • Process automation to optimize ITSM
  • Configurable workflows and user experiences tailored to meet your unique needs
  • Built-in policies and guidelines to maintain safe, secure, and compliant usage
  • Up to 50% less time and money spent on implementation
  • A self-service portal to empower employees, customized for your business
  • Standardized CMDB aligned with ServiceNow's CSDM framework for ongoing data quality and alignment with your IT environment
  • A user-friendly approach with predefined data templates, process documents, and training materials

Leveraging the power of AI

Generative AI (gen AI) is the future. Here are a few ways we work with ServiceNow to use gen AI to improve IT and end-user experiences:

  • Case summarization: Get incident summaries and generate insights that reduce manual work and improve IT productivity
  • Engaging self-service experiences: Generate human-like responses to search requests to empower end-users and improve time to resolution
  • Content creation: Save time and effort with automated content creation, including summaries of live chats and automated resolution notes


Faster responses, reduced costs, and better experiences

Our clients see:

  • Up to 50% reduction in the time needed to resolve IT inquiries
  • Increased visibility into IT infrastructure for IT operations
  • Up to 30% savings on IT spending
  • Up to 30% reduction in ITSM implementation time and costs
  • Up to 25% improvement in ITSM efficiency

Case study

IT transformation for a pharmaceutical leader


The company struggled with inefficiencies across their IT service management processes, causing frustration among IT agents and end users. A disconnected CMDB, a lack of integration, and inefficient asset management processes resulted in unnecessary costs and limited visibility for IT teams.


Genpact implemented ServiceNow's ITSM to create a multilingual IT help desk. We also integrated ServiceNow's CMDB with business services and used ServiceNow Discovery to provide full visibility into IT service operations. Lastly, the ITAM solution automated software usage data and integrated with internal systems.


Our solution increased ITSM efficiency by 25%, creating a better experience for IT and end users. Operations teams can now access complete CI data and IT infrastructure visibility for faster decision-making. Genpact's ITAM now provides enhanced visibility and control over hardware assets to optimize resource allocation and support better software spend management. Finally, our efficient asset management helped streamline software life cycle processes, which improved new software handling and provided the company the ability to reclaim unused licenses.

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