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Integrated sales and operations management

Analytics, technology, and process improvements to boost sales force results


Free sales teams to sell, add value, and boost profits

Today's sales environment is in flux. It's a complex business getting customers the products they want, easily, in full, and on time every time, with new channels and routes to market proliferating every day. Yet in the face of increasingly aggressive competition, mastering the journey from order management to fulfillment is critical. Is your sales and operations (S&OP) team agile enough to adapt?

Consider the priorities your S&OP team has to juggle. To achieve efficiency while operating processes at scale, they must try to manage order queries, run promotions, and ensure deductions are accurate. It's hard to win new business with all these demands.

The message is clear. The moment has come to revamp your S&OP activities, driven by a vision that prepares your company for heightened competition and advances in technology. Connecting every aspect of your sales operations from order management through fulfillment in a way that creates value and delivers insights is key to realizing this vision. A system that unifies all elements of the S&OP function with continuous improvements built in also guarantees customer kudos – not complaints.

You need the right mix of processes, digital technologies, and analytics – a mix that readily adapts to market demand, taps into new channels, and provides insights into consumer thinking and industry trends.

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Unified operations for a world-class interconnected S&OP organization

Making such a fundamental change to S&OP requires assistance. An experienced partner with a tried and tested approach will help you get the most out of this restructuring and align your S&OP processes with your business goals for growth.

Genpact combines consultancy, digital tools, analytics, and managed services to build a world-class, integrated S&OP organization.

We liberate front-end sales teams to focus on finding growth by tapping into new channels, investing in innovation, and understanding consumers and developing products with speed and agility.

We also enable middle- and back-office teams such as sales operations, forecasting and planning, customer service, and order-to-cash to effectively execute sales and operations plans and run a smarter organization by owning the processes end to end, digitizing and automating tasks, and finding new efficiencies by automating rote tasks and establishing global processes that still allow for necessary regional localizations.

Supporting all these initiatives is our AI-powered digital platform, Genpact Cora and a digital smart enterprise processes (SEP) framework to speed up assessment and guide design methodology.

Below are the ideas that will drive radical transformation and create unified operations

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Sharper insights, less admin, more sales

This unified approach to S&OP delivers key benefits. The initiatives we put into play give you a clear view of sales opportunities and help you deploy the resources you need to take advantage of them. Working as one – and with rote jobs now automated – sales teams will be more efficient and focus on doing what they do best – selling. You can base your decisions on clean, relevant data to stay on top of trends and keep customers happy and loyal.

In our experience, unifying operations in this way plays out in hard numbers:

  • Sales administration activities decrease by up to 30%, allowing sales teams to focus on growing market share
  • Contract compliance is vastly improved by automating tasks
  • Order losses decrease by up to 5%, and conversion rates rise by up to 10%
  • Client retention rates have hit 95% because the renewal system is highly accurate
  • Field sales costs have dropped by as much as 90%
  • Customer satisfaction scores can climb by as much as 10%

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