Empower your enterprise helpdesk with Genpact and ServiceNow
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Empower your enterprise helpdesk with Genpact and ServiceNow

Use our Enterprise Helpdesk to create better experiences for everyone

Enterprise leaders are always thinking about the future of their business. How will they stay relevant in increasingly crowded markets? And while business challenges change all the time, one thing remains constant – the need to prioritize customer service. Something Genpact and ServiceNow know all about.


Lack of standardization, fragmented processes, and siloed systems

Today, customer expectations are rising while the resources available to meet them are consistently dropping. Worse still, operational costs are skyrocketing – and outdated technology is at the heart of many of these problems.

Siloed systems cause customer service teams to jump between platforms to find information. Meanwhile, customers are left waiting for a response. These fragmented case management processes are sinking operational efficiency. And of course, poor processes lead to poor documentation – meaning customer support teams need to approach each request differently due to a lack of standardization and visibility.

So, how do you tackle these challenges? You must rethink your customer support strategies end-to-end.


A single integrated enterprise helpdesk platform

Genpact's Enterprise Helpdesk, built in partnership with ServiceNow, brings all business processes onto a single integrated platform. While many enterprises use ServiceNow for IT support, we empower them to think bigger. We unify all internal business functions to create a unified customer experience externally.

This solution also reduces strain on customer service teams. By allowing customers to self-serve and resolve most queries themselves, customer service teams can refocus their attention on the highest priority or most complex requests.

Our Enterprise Helpdesk is built on the following principles:

  • Human-centric design: Customer service often brings to mind images of waiting on hold, filling out forms, and wondering why something so simple has been made so complicated. But it doesn't have to be that way. We focus on improving experiences for customers and employees, making our help desk as intuitive and easy to use as possible
  • Scalable automation with artificial intelligence (AI): By centralizing data and consolidating documentation, we lay the foundation for scalable automation. For example, we use generative AI to create human-like responses to common customer questions. By fine-tuning large language models based on your enterprise's data, we increase their accuracy and reduce the need for human oversight
  • Omnichannel options: We've built our solution with omnichannel engagement in mind. This means customers can get in contact in whatever way is most convenient and comfortable for them – email, phone call, or through the platform itself
  • Continuous improvement with analytics: Robust analytics capabilities in our solution allow enterprise leaders to analyze every detail of customer interactions. Not only can this help improve turnaround times, but it can also reveal avenues for upsell opportunities, product improvements, and more
  • One platform for everyone: On the backend, we strive to make the Enterprise Helpdesk simple for customer service agents. To do that, we've designed the platform so that team members can access all enterprise systems through a single platform – no more jumping between systems while customers wait


Reduce customer response time, improve satisfaction, and innovate service delivery

Building automation and AI into customer support processes delivers substantial benefits to your business. Thanks to Enterprise Helpdesk's streamlined processes and centralized solutions, we typically see businesses:

  • Reduce customer response times by 50%
  • Improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores
  • Deliver greater employee productivity
  • Innovate service delivery with processes powered by AI
  • Reduce operational costs by 30%–50%

The future of customer service

At Genpact, we have many years of experience in transforming the customer experience for leading enterprises. Our global presence, ability to support 50+ languages, and proven track record of efficiently handling millions of customer interactions every year set us apart. Plus, our customer experience services, suitable for a variety of industries, are recognized by leading analysts and advisors.

We believe there has never been a more exciting time to forge the connection between the employee and customer experience and strive to improve both. As AI continues to transform industries, customer service will continue to be a differentiator, and we are ready to help enterprises gain a competitive edge.

Case study

Speeding up customer response times

At a global life sciences company, HR, IT, and finance all had their own support teams. This meant employees were frustrated by disparate and largely manual processes – especially customer support agents, who struggled to find the information they needed.

Genpact unified its support systems into a single Enterprise Helpdesk solution powered by ServiceNow. By analyzing customer and employee interactions, we created a virtual support agent that could respond to most queries in multiple languages. This meant the company could respond 60% faster to employee queries, giving customer support agents 20% more time to focus on customers.

Designing new customer service workflows

A leading Japanese manufacturer created cutting-edge products, but its support processes were way behind the times. Email was its channel of choice for managing customer support, and requests were falling through the cracks.

Genpact used ServiceNow to create standardized support processes through a unified portal. This portal supported a variety of business functions, including supply chain teams, HR, and sales. Thanks to unified internal processes, employees can present a united front to customers – responding faster through whatever channel suits them best.