Boosting your sales with small and medium-size businesses
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Boosting sales to small and medium sized businesses

A suite of services and solutions that give you the insights you need to increase sales to the SMB market

The Challenge: Navigate a fast-moving marketplace in a complex environment

Small and medium-size businesses (SMB) have specific concerns that your enterprise services company must navigate to sell to them successfully. Yet they need what you offer more than ever to address their unique issues, such as cash flow crunches that force them to manage a greater burden of risk.

What's more, they have so much to keep up with, such as new payment technologies, buy-now-pay-later plans, and fraud protection techniques. SMBs frequently find themselves on a sharp learning curve – so sharp, in fact, that they can find it difficult to stay abreast of the training that leads to best practices.

Then there's the matter of today's constantly evolving marketplace. To succeed, SMBs have to become highly adaptable and agile. They must become ready to act on every consumer nuance, every potential customer, and every shift in demand.

Resolving these dilemmas can prove a tall order in an increasingly competitive landscape – if SMBs go it alone. But you're in a great position to increase your sales to them by turning these challenges into an advantage, especially if you align with the right partner.

Solution: A partner with a solid sales enablement record and a detailed plan

Genpact is that partner. We have the experience and firepower to understand SMB ecosystem as we have more than 50 enterprise clients that have increased their revenues from SMBs. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and technologies that can help your enterprise attract more SMB business.

We're well known for our transformation services that use artificial intelligence, prescriptive analytics, and smart processes for fast, data-driven decisions – and we'll bring all of that to the table.

Here's what we can provide:

Advisory council: We've created an advisory council that guides us in delivering the next generation of customer success and invests in digital technologies to accomplish that goal. The industry experts in our advertising advisory council have built global sales operations from scratch and have a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of setting up such an operation. The council clearly defines criteria for success and shifts the primary focus from continuous improvement to customer experience. It also supports step-change transformation over time.

The SMB Academy: Our dedicated training unit delivers insights and intelligence specific to each SMB sector. We introduce their teams to the latest in tailored, smart-selling methodologies, including persona-based playbooks. We cover topics such as empathy and customer centricity, competitor analyses, consultative selling, storytelling and presenting, and so much more. We deploy Genpact's groundbreaking Genome personalized learning platform and use gamification, role-playing, and other tested techniques to ensure teams become proficient quickly.

Insight-driven sales: We use our proprietary Customer Experience, Sales Experience, Complexity, Risk (CSCR™) framework to increase customer loyalty and improve productivity. We partner with multiple account-based marketing platforms to provide intent data – behavioral intelligence that can indicate a customer's likelihood to purchase goods or services. Our Cora SalesAssist mines interaction data to uncover SMB sentiments and sector trends to refine the sales approach and skill sets required. We also create lookalike audiences that familiarize you with high-value, high-potential accounts and buying centers. Plus, we test and scale every step of the way.

Impact: With every aspect of enhanced sales, revenue takes off

As all of these revenue-enhancing elements go to work for your business, we create a virtuous cycle that achieves sustainable revenue growth. You'll enjoy better lead generation thanks to our comprehensive analysis of key customer decision drivers.

You'll experience better customer retention due to our consistent survey and feedback loop. Our 360-degree support ecosystem and our ongoing outreach model optimization will help you build customer relationships and repeat business.

Enterprises can expect sustainable top-line growth with a dedicated sales organization primed to address every crucial aspect of your SMB segment. What's more, your new data-driven sales process will significantly increase conversions. And because all parts of the sales enablement program are scalable, you'll be set to expand at every step of your success.

How we helped one company

When a leading digital services platform in the US wanted to launch new messaging channels, change management with its agents was a struggle. To help, we used analytics to predict churn by assessing customer intent. We brought in process transformation that characterized customers based on lifetime value and other factors. And we deployed digital solutions to reduce repeat queries and conduct predictive modeling.

These efforts quadrupled outbound sales revenue in 24 months and improved topline revenue by 240%. Profitability increased by 100% for 900 sales specialists over four years and the company achieved best-in-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) for its service-to-sales process.

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