Our intelligent third-party risk operations can improve your sustainability index ranking.

Our digital and analytics tools give us deep insights into your anti-money laundering operations, outlining areas of transformational opportunities.

Our Lean DigitalSM approach and digital technologies deliver an integrated control framework to cover financial, operational, and compliance risks.


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I need a high-quality, integrated compliance function that enables effective risk mitigation.

3 Products & Solutions

Third-party risk manager (TPRM)

Our TPRM solution minimizes third-party risk exposure and delivers in line with new regulations. It leverages a tightly-focused set of digital solutions, including natural language processing, machine learning, advanced analytics, and enhanced visualization, to provide unprecedented management of complex third-party risk.

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​​Anti-corruption monitor

Our anti-corruption monitor solution reduces regulatory risk through timely identification of high-risk geographies and suspicious transactions. The solution identifies the business processes that are most prone to corruption and violations, and monitors risk effectively in these processes.

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Digital compliance

We deliver digitally enabled compliance testing services to increase the operational effectiveness of your risk management controls. Our solution automates the highly manual and repetitive controls testing process, and improves efficiency, coverage, accuracy, and performance.

I need financial risk management solutions that can enable me to make capital-efficient decisions.

3 Products & Solutions

Anti-money laundering (AML)

We deliver a highly compliant AML program with a combination of digital technology, advanced analytics, and managed services. The regulatory compliance processes we run for our clients focus on operational excellence, effective governance, and first-class controls to optimize false positives and improve investigation efficiency.

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Transform your AML compliance—and become more efficient, too

​Credit risk

Our credit risk services span risk prioritization, risk modeling, credit scoring, portfolio reviews, capital impact assessments, back testing, and stress testing. We perform integrity, control, and compliance reviews. We use risk maps to identify weaknesses in key processes, then quantify and qualify the significance of resulting loss exposures.

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​Cora LiveSpread for financial spreading

Our breakthrough AI product transforms financial spreading for commercial underwriting and risk management by automating each step of the process. Cora LiveSpread makes it easier to calculate financial risk, while taking fewer risks of your own. By automating your spreading process, you can do things better, faster, and more consistently.

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I need advanced analytics solutions to uncover hidden risks and stay ahead of regulatory timetables.

3 Products & Solutions

​Credit underwriting and portfolio monitoring

Our solution focuses on improving your portfolios' quality. We leverage our AI-powered products Cora LiveSpread and Credit Assistant to deliver exceptional credit analysis, financial spreading, credit memos, covenant monitoring and credit reviews, periodic portfolio review, and credit risk rating.

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​Investment research

Our services span industry research, fundamental credit research, distressed debt analytics, structured finance research, target screening and market assessment, company profiling, financial modeling and valuation, portfolio monitoring and acquisition research, client reporting and investment research, and macro-economic research.

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​Risk data management

We address enterprise-wide data challenges and accelerate discovery of data gaps for key regulatory schedules using data engineering, data enrichment, and advanced analytics.

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I need to manage operational risks to protect shareholder value and maximize business performance.

5 Products & Solutions

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Our ERM solutions identify, assess, and monitor the threats facing your organization and build capabilities to focus resources on the risks that matter. We implement ERM frameworks aligned to international standards to drive a consistent view of risks across your business and deal effectively with potential events that create uncertainty.

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​Internal audit

Genpact offers a unique remote site audit delivery model and internal audit methodology to enhance internal controls, improve processes, and help clients achieve wider assurance in a cost effective manner.

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​Internal control analytics (ICA)

Our ICA solutions detect and provide analysis of high-risk anomalies in key business transaction. We analyze terrabytes of data from disparate sources, provide insights on control key performance indicators (KPIs), and highlight fraud and improper transaction red flags.

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​Past-payable audit

Genpact's Past-Payable Audit services identify undue or erroneous vendor payments, recover excess payments, and prevent future leakage by establishing adequate internal controls.

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​Sarbanes Oxley Compliance (SOC)

Our SOC solution integrates and optimizes compliance with operational risk and other internal control frameworks, such as the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) and Control Objectives of Information and Related Technology (COBIT).

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