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Transform travel and expense audit processes with AppZen and Genpact

A strategic partnership to minimize expense fraud

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Bringing innovation to expense audit and regulatory compliance management

We combine Genpact's risk and regulatory compliance management expertise, digital transformation experience, and deep F&A process knowledge with AppZen's artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technology. As a result, companies can proactively identify and minimize expense fraud, gain better insights from data, improve user experience, and generate savings.

AppZen's AI platform forms an integral part of our regulatory compliance-as-a-service (RCaaS) solution that automates expense audit processes. RCaaS empowers finance and compliance teams to identify T&E exceptions within minutes of submitting expenses, enhancing their ability to address regulatory issues, detect adherence to corporate policies and contract obligations, and identify spend leakages.

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Why AppZen?

More than 1,800 enterprises use AppZen's technology to automate expense audit, preempt and minimize fraud risk, and gain real-time insights into their business spend trends.

"Genpact and AppZen's solution allows chief financial and compliance officers and their teams to move from reactive tracking to proactive, preventive controls through near-real-time monitoring of T&E and related accounts payable operations to drive faster, smarter business decisions and significant cost-savings opportunities," said Katie Stein, chief strategy officer and global business leader, Enterprise Services, Genpact.

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