Genpact and Climate Vault: Climate action accelerated
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Genpact and Climate Vault: Climate action accelerated

Giving organizations unprecedented access to carbon reduction and removal

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Technology that puts the planet first

Only around one-third of the world's largest publicly traded companies have net zero targets. And 65% of them do not yet meet the minimum standards of robustness.¹ Without access to credible, simple climate change solutions, these numbers will not change fast.

Genpact's partnership with Climate Vault aims to eliminate this challenge.

Solutions that deliver emission reductions alone won't move the needle. But coupled with carbon removal technology, every individual and organization can make a material impact on healing the planet. This is the Climate Vault approach.

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We're bringing greater scale and access to Climate Vault's solution so more companies can access trusted climate action.
The Climate Vault-Genpact partnership is helping more businesses fight climate change. Hear how.

Connecting the climate change ecosystem

Climate Vault gives companies access to carbon reduction from regulated carbon markets. It then funnels the value of those pollution permits into the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere through ground-breaking technologies. To date, the solution has already reduced 0.75 million metric tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to 72,000 cars driving around the planet.

But to become truly transformative, Climate Vault needs scale and enhanced capabilities.

Genpact's expertise with digital technologies will meet the demand for accurate, transparent, real-time pricing from the carbon markets. With a fully automated process, Climate Vault can deliver the critical transparency, access, and scale that every business and the world need to thrive.

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