Transform risk in financial services: Executive insights
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Transforming risk in financial services: Executive insights

A set of podcasts on new approaches to mitigating risk

Risk management for insurance and financial services is complex. The economic and geopolitical environment remains uncertain worldwide while new data, cybersecurity, and AI-related risks proliferate.

How can financial services corporations respond? Brett Jones, head of financial crime and risk management at Genpact Australia, sat down with Anthony Rizzo, Head of Transformation Risk, Allianz Australia, to understand his perspective.

Watch the podcasts — all under 10 minutes long — for insights on using new risk mitigation approaches and advanced AI-led technologies to get ahead of emerging threats.

Navigating paradigm shifts in risk management

The risk events that the insurance industry faces today call for a fresh approach to mitigation. Rizzo draws on decades of experience managing risk at top financial services companies to outline strategies for adopting digital solutions to defend against new threats and enhance customer trust.

Harnessing AI for informed risk decision-making

To stay ahead of threats, financial services companies are leveraging AI's predictive capabilities. Listen in as Rizzo talks about real-life examples of how leading corporations are using AI to drive better outcomes across underwriting, claims management, personalization, and more.

Future risks and embracing digital technologies

What are some emerging risks financial services companies should look out for in the next six to twelve months? In this podcast, Rizzo pinpoints a range of threats, including cyberattacks, geopolitical volatility, economic uncertainty, changes in regulations, and operational risks, and shares strategies to transform risk.

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