LinkedIn Live: Connecting women, technology, and culture
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LinkedIn Live: Connecting women, technology, and culture

To get more women in tech, the younger generation needs more support. Individuals, businesses, and the government must also explore how technology can drive positive change in the world.

Debjani Ghosh, president of NASSCOM, and Riju Vashisht, chief transformation officer at Genpact, discuss:

  • Why we need more women in tech, with examples from Debjani's experiences in India
  • An overview of the steps taken in industry and government to improve gender equality
  • Advice on how businesses and individuals can create a culture that supports women in tech

If you missed the previous episode, with Nancy Flores of McKesson, listen here. The series continues to uncover innovative thinking and actionable steps for personal, organizational, and societal support for women in technology.