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Leadership and sustainability: Building the business case for ESG

How leaders can drive home the imperative for embedding ESG throughout the organization

Leading enterprises know that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs are no longer just about ticking boxes for compliance and risk mitigation. They are about maximizing organizational performance to create real business value.

But why does it remain a challenge to convince stakeholders to commit to sustainability? And how can sustainability leaders help demonstrate the cost advantages of embracing ESG?

Subhashis Nath, Genpact's enterprise risk and compliance service line leader, discussed these topics with Simon King, senior ESG and sustainability leader.

Watch the video for real-life examples and actionable insights on how leaders can:

  • Highlight the business opportunities that ESG can unlock
  • Leverage internal auditors' expertise to demonstrate the benefits of looking at the triple bottom line of profits, people, and planet
  • Change the mindset that sustainability is just the chief sustainability officer's job, making ESG a part of strategy across the enterprise