Journeys in Transformation – The 'can we' versus 'should we'
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Journeys in Transformation – The 'can we' versus 'should we' for data scientists

Today's enterprises rely on the power of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to inform critical business decisions. Some decisions can have life-altering effects, such as prioritizing which patient gets medical care in an emergency.

Yet reducing AI bias remains the biggest challenge for data scientists. In a world where data is the foundation of digital transformation, bias is likely to have legal and reputational consequences for businesses that fail to adapt.

As a result, what will the role of AI ethics, fairness, and justice be in the years ahead?

Genpact's global analytics leader Amaresh Tripathy joins Doug Hague, executive director and professor of practice at the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte, to discuss how enterprises can remain compliant and follow best practices.

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