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Journeys in Transformation - Achieving effective data governance with CSAA Insurance

Trust first, innovate next: Insurance data essentials

Before insurance leaders can use data to drive innovation, they must be able to trust it.

Manoj Kumar, global analytics leader for insurance at Genpact, sits down with Bipin Chadha, vice president of data science at CSAA Insurance Group, to discuss how to ensure that data is high quality, reliable, and consistent.

In this podcast, Bipin reveals the '80/20 approach' he uses at CSAA Insurance and his method for determining what data is most important to govern. He shares the pros and cons of data centralization, decentralization, and federation. And he discloses which model he chose for CSAA Insurance and why.

Don't miss this captivating episode. Tune in for best practices on how to achieve effective data governance, which you can apply in your own organization.

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