Transforming Aon Hewitt's workflow management process
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How Aon Hewitt improved its workflow management process with Cora Orchestration

Cora Orchestration: The workflow management tool powering a benefits management platform

Who we worked with

Aon Hewitt, a global leader in human resource solutions, with over 30,000 professionals on six continents serving more than 20,000 clients worldwide.

What the company needed

To speed up and simplify workflow in a global benefits administration system, with minimal input from IT, following the introduction of the company’s Greater Insight application.

How we helped

We brought in a new workflow management process using Cora Orchestration, that rapidly automated several previously time-consuming steps and was easy to put to work from day one.

What the company got

Today, the 2,000-plus people who use the new workflows management processes are delighting clients by responding more quickly to their needs. Management has a better handle on operations, too.

A growing number of multinational companies need help managing their global benefit and compensation programs because of several challenges that they face. For one, they don’t have enough data on the true cost of employee benefit and compensation programs. They also find it hard to manage complex local plan designs, particularly at the regional level. Plus, employers are pressuring them for more robust management and forecasting tools. And internal staff who can manage employee benefits are often in short supply. These are some of the issues Aon Hewitt addresses for its clients.


Deploy a workflow tool that reacts just as well globally as it does locally — one that provides real insights into the business

Aon Hewitt empowers organizations and individuals to secure a better future through innovative talent, retirement, and health programs. The company helps its clients grow by improving the performance of employees. It shows workers how to navigate retirement risk while providing new levels of financial security. What’s more, it redefines health solutions for them, giving them greater choice, affordability, and wellness.

When Genpact came on the scene, Aon had just launched Greater Insight, a new benefits administration system application for its global clients that incorporated all of the company’s products. The new system was terrific, but the firm hadn’t been able to get the most out of it. They tried several solutions, but none of them had the right workflow automation. The company wanted a product that would help users create workflows with minimal disruption from IT.


Cora Orchestration, an easy-toconfigure workflow product that integrates smoothly with Aon’s great new app

After reviewing various business process management solutions, says Aon business analyst Robert Dawkins, the firm found that Cora Orchestration was the most flexible product and the best fit for its requirements.

Aon has embedded Cora Orchestration directly into Greater Insights — the front end of the system — to make it the workflow engine empowering the application. Meanwhile, the firm's operations teams is building a new workflow management process that supports client needs using Cora Orchestration's easy-to-configure and flexible workflow-design interface. As a result, Aon's clients now get better service because they can view case statuses online.

Cora Orchestration's business flow also directs work to the appropriate customer teams, who can access the Greater Insight web interface to keep track of the tasks they need to perform.

Increased speed and visibility

Here's an example of how Cora Orchestration serves the company's helpdesk, which handles queries on employee benefits. Suppose an employee calls the helpdesk to ask about a childcare voucher gone missing. When that happens, an agent opens a case in the system and enters all the details. The agent then assigns this case to the administration team, which takes charge.

Before Cora Orchestration, this process was manual and bottlenecks were a common problem. Staff used Excel spreadsheets and emails, and the turnaround time was much longer. Without visibility, errors like missed emails were inevitable. Now the process moves much faster, even on large teams where the potential for errors and delays previously was greatest.

Cora Orchestration has proven its flexibility. For instance, it lets Aon's users delegate cases to other users when an employee is out of the office. Administrators can even update case details themselves, where required.


Leaders now have management information at their fingertips. Users can see the status of their work and can also flag issues for management to address.

In summary, Orchestration helps Aon in the following ways:

  • Business users can create processes
  • Reduced IT involvement
  • Increased process speed
  • Fewer errors and greater accuracy
  • Better management visibility
  • Easier to track and delegate work

Aon is a company all about benefits, so it truly appreciates the ones Cora Orchestration delivers.

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