Embedding ESG in your organization's DNA: Challenges and…
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Embedding ESG in your organization's DNA: Challenges and solutions

Lessons from leading enterprises on improving ESG impact and reporting

Corporations and investor communities worldwide recognize that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores are critical to evaluating companies. Though this has made it easier for leaders to make the business case for ESG, questions remain as to how they can fund and execute their net-zero programs effectively.

Additionally, as the regulatory landscape moves from voluntary to mandatory standards for ESG, how can businesses get the capability and expertise they need to capture, audit, and report investor-grade ESG data?

Our enterprise risk and compliance leader Subhashis Nath discussed these questions and more with George M. Menezes, chief operating officer and business head, Godrej Electricals and Electronics, and SJR Kutty, chief sustainability officer, Tata Motors.

Watch the video to learn:

  • The context of the global push for strengthening ESG impact
  • How leaders can make ESG part of a company's DNA
  • Why buying carbon offsets should serve as the last step in a company's ESG efforts, not the first
  • How Godrej used its "Good and Green" program to drive its ESG agenda
  • The challenges auditors face in auditing ESG reports

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