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Eliminate payment fraud and corruption: the power of AI and compliance expertise

Organizations across the globe are exposed to fraud, corruption, and sanctions violations. To combat these risks, your compliance program must be dynamic enough to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Digital technologies play a pivotal role in generating the visibility and predictive insights you need to stay ahead of threats.

In a webinar with Compliance Week, Genpact's enterprise risk and compliance lead, Subhashis Nath, discusses the critical business risks emerging from COVID-19 and their impact. Joining him in the discussion are:

  • Richard Masci, Head of Financial System Services, Airbus Americas
  • Anu Priy Vij, Compliance as a Service Leader, Genpact
  • Anna Romberg, Executive VP – Legal and Compliance, Getinge
  • Jill Rennie Stillman, Associate General Counsel, Litigation and Compliance, Genpact

Watch the webinar for best practices on how to reach higher levels of compliance and avoid potential fraud scenarios.

​Eliminate payment fraud and corruption: the power of AI and compliance expertise​