Case Study

Digital boosts liquidity for insurance claims management leader

Cora ARFlow helped Crawford & Company reduce days’ sales outstanding by 10%

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Who we worked with

Crawford & Company, the world’s largest, publicly listed independent provider of insurance claims management solutions.

How we helped

We updated the client’s fragmented legacy IT systems and accounts receivable (AR) processes and implemented our digital, modular, mobile-enabled Genpact Cora ARFlow platform.

What the company needed

The client needed to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) in order to boost cash flow. In addition, the solution had to help the client’s collectors, who were dealing with disparate systems and processes – and that was hindering productivity and creating frustration.

What the company got

A 10% reduction in DSO along with frictionless collections and happier, more productive employees.


Make processes as efficient for employees as they are for customers

From humble roots in 1941 as a small regional operation, Crawford & Company has grown to become one of the world’s largest independent providers of insurance claims management solutions.

While the company’s solutions are efficient and effective for customers, its internal environment was anything but that for its employees. It used disparate legacy systems and processes for AR operations, with a large, decentralized team of collectors working across multiple service centers in the US. This meant there was very little standardization, which made it difficult to access crucial financial data.

With poor DSO numbers, dissatisfied employees, and potential backlash from its shareholders, the company needed a solution that would help its collectors touch more invoices and accounts – and do so more often. Overall, the solution needed to improve productivity, reporting, cash flow, and collections results for the AR function.


A platform that automates accounts receivable

We implemented Cora ARFlow – our digital, modular, mobile-enabled platform, which automates AR processes. Underpinned by Genpact Cora, our AI-based platform, as well as our Lean DigitalSM approach to process  transformation, Cora ARFlow helps companies increase cash flow, optimize resources, and enhance compliance.

Crawford & Company has seen tremendous value from Cora ARFlow’s standardized workflow, single source of data for all its agents, and user-configurable reporting capabilities. For example, the company can now track the status of all AR activities and user efforts, view unbilled AR, and resolve disputes much faster. The daily task list helps focus collection efforts. Meanwhile, managers can see exactly what each team member is doing and which accounts need attention.

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Cora ARFlow seamlessly integrated with the client’s legacy systems and automatically pulls data into a single, global information source. This has accelerated reporting to the point that the credit and collections department is now a go-to source of up-to-date information for other business divisions.

Importantly, Cora ARFlow allowed the client to shift from a strategy that measures collections by past-due dollar amounts to measuring collections performance by DSO and determining root causes of payment delays.


Happier employees and fewer outstanding invoices

With Cora ARFlow, the client has:

  • Reduced DSO by 10% across US operations in the first year alone
  • Significantly increased its collectors’ productivity
  • Considerably boosted its agents’ job satisfaction
  • Greatly enhanced its reporting capabilities

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